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  1. […] a favourite thing: We turn one this week!! The party is on April 15, but post numero uno was on April 3.  Since the post was completely cut and paste from tweets by Ally and I, we really had no idea […]

  2. […] that photo of the Chancellor with the Obamas brings us to Our Muse (of sorts), the First Lady who brought this blog to life: […]

  3. Janet says:

    As a dedicated wearer of flats of all kinds I quite enjoy seeing the first lady rockin the no heeled look. Flats have a stigma at time of being unfashionable where heels sometimes get an undeserved fashion point for simply having a heel.

    Long live the fashionable flat!

  4. […] don’t really like champagne, but it occurred to me today that next week is the blog’s champagne birthday. It’s one of the few times you can give a three year old champagne and not have […]

  5. […] true. We’ve been blogging since it was a little bit weird to say you had a blog. Since Obama’s first trip to Europe (it was good one) and …read […]

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