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The following Michael Kors dress is more than last season. It’s two seasons ago (S/S 08, I believe). However, that does not stop me from coveting it:


And, apparently, so does every stylist. I can’t recall when I first spotted it, but when it showed up in an email from Net-A-Porter I immediately clicked on it. You know, just to see how many months rent it equaled (about one and a half months). But in the 30 seconds it took to click and then have the page load, it sold out. WTF? Since then, I’ve seen it just about everywhere. Here’s a collection of places I’ve seen it:

1. Michael Kors S/S ’08 (okay, I didn’t see it here. But I would have if I lived in NYC and knew how to score tickets to Fashion Week).

2. on Olivia Williams in Joss Weedon’s Dollhouse (episode 3). The show’s stylist chose to go sans belt.

3. on Kristen Davis of Sex and the City fame. I’m pretty sure she had this before anyone else. Her shoe choice is my least favourite of the lot.

4. on Iman during this season’s Project Runway Canada (episode 6). She (or her stylist) chose a skinnier purple belt. (Couldn’t get a close up  of her shoes, but it looks like she went with something similar to the runway model).

5. on Coco Rocha, seen lunching with Michael Kors. (I originally saw this in a magazine last summer or fall. Can’t remember which one and that made finding the photo even harder).

6. Dollhouse (again), had to show off the choice of shoes. I’m loving these shoes.

7. And look how Ellen Pompeo and Rebecca Gayheart are completely mesmerized by the dress. Clearly this dress hypnotizes people.

While I do love the dress, I couldn’t wear it even if I could afford it because (a) pencil shaped skirts/dresses may look good, but I haven’t found one that will let me sit down in it; and (b) it is far too recognizable. “Oh look. She’s wearing the Michael Kors Gardenia Sheath Dress from 2008. Just like Kristen Stewart, Coco Rocha, Iman, and Olivia Williams.”  It’s like buying a Vuarnet shirt in junior high: everyone had one. So, a note to stylists everywhere: The dress is lovely, but let’s retire it.



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  1. allygarbs says:

    Is that really Olivia Wilde from House in the above photo? DID YOU BLOG WRONG?!!!

    • L-A says:

      Augh! I totally did blog wrong! It is Olivia Williams, not Olivia Wilde. FAIL! (also, it is now fixed and these comments stand only to amuse readers)

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