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AllyG: Ah, it’s Friday. That unmistakable whif of freedom is in the air as well as the sweet scent of an egg mcmuffin throughout my hair. It rhymes and it’s true. Today I treated myself to an egg mcmuffin. It was delicious and I regret not my breakfast choice. I’m not sure if L-A is still nursing the effects of the Mariah arrival outfit, hopefully we’ll have her back with us soon.

As today is Friday, it’s time for the Favorite Friday post, otherwise known as my incoherent blathering. Yay!

For today’s Favorite Friday post, I thought we’d take ‘er back a few years to the original style icon, the icon you truly cannot find fault with. I’m talking about Holly Golightly

Every once in awhile I get a craving for Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I have to go out and rent it. I don’t know why I don’t just buy it (hint, hint birthday present idea).

Don’t you just LOVE the original trailers? Also, for Shonda, THIS is how you wear a wide brim black hat!

YouTube Preview Image

Everything she wears in that movie, I would wear today. The wardrobe is timeless. The skinny capris, basic black dress accessorized with pearls, and my favorite – the big sunnies.

Speaking of big sunnies, I adore these Chanel Sunglasses worn by Mary Kate. Let’s add them to the Favorite Friday list!

And lastly, on my list of Favorite things to share with you today (I’m like Oprah! Except without giving away free stuff!) is a song from Keith Urban’s new CD, Defying Gravity. Yes, I listen to Country and I’m proud of it. I also realize it has nothing to do with fashion. I beg you not to stop reading the blog because of the introduction of Country. Blame L-A, if she wasn’t sick in bed she could keep better tabs on me.

YouTube Preview Image

Sweet thing
The moon is high and the night is young
Come on and meet me
In the backyard under the cottonwood tree
It’s a good thing and i’m wishin

Sigh. Happy Friday, y’all.

L-A: What the frak? I get knocked out by a suspected case of H1N1 (nb. suspected by me, not by anyone with a medical degree…although it was definitely a flu) and I come back to find counry music on the blog?? Oh Ally! I can never get sick again!

Kidding. (sort of). But I fully agree with the inclusion of Audrey and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Seriously, has there ever been a more stylish lady in a more stylish movie? I bet if you stopped a woman on the street this afternoon and asked her about one of her style icons, she’d tell you “Audrey Hepburn”.  I know I would. That movie makes me want to wear wide brimmed hats and big sunglasses everywhere.  And while I can wear a wide brimmed hat (I am lucky – I have a head that wears hats well), I don’t wear them at all. But I do love a pair of oversized sunglasses. I cannot wear Ray Bans à la Audrey, which is why I recently purchased a pair of these luverly Cole Haan’s to do the job:


Of course, I did not pay $175 for them. They were a last minute find at Marshall’s and will be my mainstay for summer ’09 eyewear, replacing last year’s adorable Michael Kors oversized glasses (which will be my backup pair). I paid $20, because really? As nice as they are, they are sunglasses and every pair of sunglasses I have ever owned have met an untimely end (left behind, sat on, lost in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ghana). This is why I will always have trouble spending more than $20 – no matter how much I love them (I’m sorry Kate Spade…I did love that pair I found for $60, but I couldn’t do it!).

And since we’re sharing favourites and I feel a need to offer something to the non-country fans of the blog, check out the preview to a new TV series called Glee, which looks awesome (and possibly borrows heavily from High school Musical and one of the plotlines of the first American Pie movie, but I will forgive that):

YouTube Preview Image

I know. You’re in love. Now stop playing on your computer and go enjoy the sunshine. I will go think about mustering the energy to comb my hair and put on those new sunglasses and go outside (this flu seriously kicked my ass).

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  1. Eden says:

    Oh my god the orange coat. Oh my god.

  2. allygarbs says:

    I know, Right???

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