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L-A: December 23rd has to be the most unloved day. It’s almost Christmas Eve, so things are happening, but it’s not quite and there’s a good chance you might be stuck at work, so it mostly just sucks. Especially if you have to be at work. So, to brighten up your Christmas Eve Eve, I give you Lady Gaga’s Christmas Tree as the next installment in our video countdown to Christmas!

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YouTube suggested that “A Miley Cyrus Christmas” might be a related video. Other than “Christmas” and “famous singer”, I’m not sure the two are at all related. They might as well have suggested a Rita MacNeil special as a related video.  Sadly, Gaga has not filmed a video for this song. But if she did, it would not include pants and it might include some inappropriate use of tinsel and these McQueen monsters:


I don’t get them. I really don’t. They look unwearable and unflattering. Like weird bulbs have taken over your feet. Or, perhaps like moth cocoons. Which is not really a look most of us are going for when we get dressed in the morning. No one ever says, “Today I want to look like a moth from outer space is gestating on my foot.” Even on the models they look weird – and those girls are paid to make things look good. But, you know, leave it to someone who is rich and “famous” for being rich:


What? I know, right? I mean, the rest of her outfit is its own nightmare, but the shoes are just insane. I’m still trying to figure out how she is mobile in them. At least in Gaga’s case, they could yell CUT while handlers moved her about in those shoes.

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  1. i don’t see moth cocoons. i see lobster claws. it’s like people are walking on their lobster claws. this is not fashion but pop-auteur film. it’s a shot of david lynch chased down with a splash of david cronenberg.

  2. Rhia says:



  3. Allene! says:

    Okay so. I don’t really “like” the shoes, as in, I would loooove to wear those to work or whatever, but that article you linked to about McQueen’s bug-inspired clothing line made me appreciate them on a more artistic level, rather than a practical-fashion level. I think it’s a beautiful collection and kind of surreal, and so are those shoes! In the Lady Gaga video, which feels like it’s set in some bizarre alternate reality, the shoes are so deliciously weird that they work, I think.

    Apparently I have thoughts about crazy hoof-shoes?

    • L-A says:

      You’re right, they totally work in the Gaga video. I can appreciate them as not really wearable art – but I shake my head at the person who did wear them out on the town. What is a weird artistic piece on the runway is just ridiculous in real life.

      • Allene! says:

        Agreed! I wonder what she looked like walking in them? Maybe instead of those Sketchers Shape-Ups, these shoes should be marketed to those who want to “tone” their legs by adding unnecessary effort to walking.

        • L-A says:

          My only guess is that she is a trained ballerina and can dance en pointe…because otherwise, “walking” in those shoes defies all logic and a few laws of physics.

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