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L-A: You need to sing the subject of today’s post to that cheesy New Year’s Eve song.

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I know that was a Gap ad, but I liked the Rufus.

Anytheways, back to the question at hand: what are you wearing tonight?

NYE can be such a frigging let down: crowded bars, cold weather, drunk before it’s midnight, drunk people screwing up the countdown and you actually don’t do a countdown until 12:05, single people feeling judged, it’s 12:01 can I go home now? But then again, it is an excuse to buy a dress.  Maybe that’s why I’m always so conflicted about NYE. Part of me wants to curl up under a blanket and watch When Harry Met Sally (this is how I rolled when I was 14, except the evening also included getting paid shitloads of money to babysit), the other part of me loves any excuse to buy pretty things.  This year, my plans aren’t huge (dinner out with friends at the Home of the Official FPQT Muffin), so there aren’t big expectations to live up to and I still get to dress up.  Sadly,  I didn’t buy anything new for the night.    My plan is to wear my DVF dress, which I’m praying to the Spanx gods that I’ll still be able to zip up after maybe one too many Quality Street chocolates.

The only trouble is…I still haven’t found shoes to wear with it and I fear cold arms. I’ll manage. Dressing up can be so stressful.

Anyway, what about you? Comfy clothes and hanging out with friends? Or dressing up to the nines and squeezing into crowded party?

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  1. martin says:

    Hey guys – congrats on a fantastic blog through 2009. Look forward to reading many more in 2010

  2. Kim says:

    I LOVE the Coastal – they have orgasmically yummy breakfast/brunch meals and luckily it’s only a 10-15 min walk from my apartment! But, wait hold the phone, they have a FPQT muffin??!! What is in that, I’m very intrigued…will have to stop in and try one!

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