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Okay Ladies (and a small collection of gents), it’s almost time for Sex and the City the Sequel:

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That’s right. Whether you like it or not, it’s coming. And we’re using it as an excuse to have a few drinks (if you’re like L-A, you’ll need the drink before the show). So here are the details:

The When: Wednesday, May 26

The Wheres:

Drinks: Victor’s in Park Lane @ 7pm ($5 martini-style drinks)

Movie: Empire Theatres, Park Lane (advanced tickets can be purchased online. If you buy an advanced ticket, you get a free download of the first episode of the series from Empire and iTunes. Hot).

And now for the super fun part…

We’ve got two tickets to give away!

How do you win these tickets? Three ways:

1. Follow us on twitter and RT this:  Of course I want to win SATC2 tickets from @FPQT!#FPQTheartsSATC2

2. Comment on this post and tell us if you think this movie will be awesome or an epic train wreck. Also tell us what shoes you’ll wear.

3. Same as #2, except on Facebook.

We’ll collect the names over the weekend and let you know the winner by 8am on Tuesday morning (since Monday is a holiday in Canada). You can pick your tickets up at Victor’s or right before the show on Wednesday.

See you on Wednesday! We’ll be there with pretty shoes on!


L-A & Ally

P.S. We may be able to convince Ally to wear Carrie garb…

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12 Responses to Get your martini on: SATC 2 party time

  1. Ange says:

    Alors j’ai besoin de repondre en francais.

    Je pense que le film sera un “train wreck” des proportions epique.

    Et je porterai… des jeans et un t-shirt blanc et un collier d’or? Peut-etre?

  2. Natalie Joan says:

    Totally expecting it to be a train wreck, and yet I will be going. Wearing my black suede Manolos, naturally.

  3. Ivy says:

    Train wreck! But I will still go see it… Shoes? Depends on how I feel at the moment. Wouldn’t Carrie do that?

  4. […] with the release of SATC 2. Thing is, I’m exactly like them.  So, we decided to have an impromptu viewing party that would provide an essential reason to wear a cocktail dress and fancy shoes. I mean, seriously, […]

  5. Kim says:

    Even though I want this movie to be awesome, because I love the gals and the show so much, I honestly think it’s going to be a train wreck (they’ve taken it too far! They should have quit while they were on top!). But at the same time I think millions of people will go see it, and I’m sure it will be a feast for the eyes due to the fashions + Aiden if nothing else. Plus, it will almost be fun to watch because it will be such a trainwreck, if that makes any sense? Even though I know it’s going to be frivolous, unrealistic crap, at least I’ll waste two hours staring at something pretty and sparkly.

  6. Kim says:

    Oh! And as for what shoes I’ll wear, probably some kind of moroccan-inspired wedge sandal as an ode to the gals’ vacation spot (which seems to take up an exhorbinant amount of screen time, btw)

  7. amy says:

    It’s going to be a train wreck of colossal proportions. I’m excited to see Aidan. Shoes? Probably my gray peep toes, or might pull out the pony hair for such a special occasion.

  8. Halifax says:

    Can’t predict if it’d be good or not, but fun to watch anyway. It’s a work day, so I’ll be wearing boring work shoes, lol

  9. jo says:

    I predict it will be an awesome train wreck!

    I will probably wear the newest addition to the collection: a gorgeous pair of Fergie fuchsia sandals with ruffle, that bear a striking resemblance to the pink Christian Louboutins with chiffon cascade that Carrie wore when Big left for Napa and Miranda gave birth.

  10. […] we’re on the subject of drinks, I’d like to remind you that we’ll make the draw for Sex and the City tickets tonight. Winner will be announced tomorrow. For those of you do not win, we’d still like it […]

  11. […] the winner is… May 25, 2010 tags: contests, SATC by L-A As you are aware (because we won’t shut up about it), we have two tickets to give away to see Sex and the City 2 at Park Lane on Wednesday (with drinks […]

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