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L-A: I don’t know about the rest of the world, but we had a taste of summer in Halifax over the long weekend. And I liked it. It was perfect weather for BBQs, fun patio furniture, lemonade and twizzlers. It was also perfect weather to break out a new nautical striped t-shirt and these dandy bracelets:

Thank you, Etsy! (and thank you to PR Couture for tweeting about them in the first place). Mystic Knotwork bracelets are handmade (and hand-dyed) by a couple in Connecticut. Since I like mine so much, I am totally pimping them. Because you can’t argue with cute and ridiculously affordable accessories.

The bracelets and the warm weather got me thinking – not about my usual obsession with nautically inspired fashion, but about summer camp fashion. That is, the summer camp of imaginations and Disney movies. Because the summer camp that I experienced (as a counsellor) was a lot of cut off shorts, Grateful Dead t-shirts, Birkenstocks and hemp jewellery. It worked at the time (middle of the woods, late-90s), but not exactly what I’d wear around town today.  So, I went on the hunt for some fashion inspired by summer camp and share it with you in installements. I’ve decided that today is Accessories Day at Camp FPQT. And no summer camp is complete without friendship bracelets:

Two Sweet For Words bracelet

Everlasting Gobstopper

Also handmade, these friendship bracelets by Frieda & Nellie are like the macrame masterpieces that you used to make for your friends with embroidery floss, but mixed up with fancy Nana costume jewellery. Fun! I don’t own any of their bracelets, but I liked them as soon as I saw them on Coquette. They are the sort of thing that I would continue to wear and enjoy even though my husband says they are tacky (he once said that an outfit didn’t work because it was the colours of the San Jose Sharks. I ignore his advice a lot).

My other favourite summery campy accessory (hmmm…I’m not sure campy is not the right word) is the woodsy, souvenirs of Canada styles of Anneke van Bommel:

I mean, really, it’s not summer camp until you carry a canoe on your head. Or get the kids to do it for you. (p.s. to Halifax: Anneke’s fantastic jewellery is now available at Love, Me Boutique, as well as on etsy).

Now over to Ally to see what she has that fits with this theme. Or to derail things completely. Who knows?!

Ally: Let’s derail shall we!

I never went to summer camp. I can’t really say my parents deprived me, we had a family membership to the Waeg. Also, I worked at Jasper Park Lodge during university, and that was much, much like summer camp. In fact, the old staff housing was often referenced as being similar to those from Dirty Dancing.

YouTube Preview Image

There was some of that.

When I think summer, I think of my cottage down in Digby Co. Reader Jane would likely agree with this assessment of summer. I saw Jane over the weekend actually, and she had the cutest summer attire on. Including a sassy fedora.

Oh, INTERESTING. I found one on Nicole.
Jane was also sporting TOMS loafers. This is truly buying shoes for a good cause. With every shoe purchased, Toms gives a pair of shoes to a child in need. This is the second time I have seen these shoes in person and I have determined that it is fate telling me I must have them.
The first time I saw the shoes was at Baby and Tot time at the Bedford library. I basically stalked another mom as she was heading out of the libby to find out where she purchased them. She got her’s in the states. Jane however made my weekend by telling me she purchased her TOMS at KAS on Spring Garden in Halifax. Pit stop before the party tonight maybe?
To sum, basically I am in love with Jane’s style. She also agreed to shoot a video segment with me this summer during one of our trips to Frenchy’s. We may or may not bring a martini shaker. It will be excellent.
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16 Responses to Summer Camping: it’s Accessories Day at Camp FPQT

  1. Sarah M says:

    I think Toms are like Uggs for preppies. If you saw someone wearing them and didn’t think “oh, those are TOMS!” you’d think; “why did that person make their own shoes out of a discarded mattress from their cottage circa 1962.” Maybe that’s the appeal.

    • allygarbs says:

      Really? I just adore them. Then again, I find part of the appeal is being able to slip them on while toting a chubby baby in my arms. I’m also sick of wearing sneakers whenever we go for a walk with the stroller. I find these much more attractive. Then again, I always loved a bit of preppy.

      • jo says:

        Sarah M, that is a wickedly funny comment. And I don’t totally disagree. But I’m with Ally on this one…there is something appealing about them. For me it’s that they look like they belong on a boat in Nantucket with the Kennedys, and I love that…

        • Sarah M says:

          It’s like Missoni. I almost bought a chair in a Missoni fabric. (Dont’ ask). And my brother-in-law was all, “why are you buying a chair in an ugly 70’s grandmother fabric.”

          But it’s Missoni!

          It just doen’t fly. I chose a nice silk stripe instead.

  2. How fun, I am ready for some summer shopping now!
    Thanks so much for pimping us!!!!!

  3. Krista says:

    I believe you can also buy Toms at Biscuit. I heartily approve of all of these accessories and will pitch, once again, for the insane “City Safari Belt” from Anthropologie:

    City Safari Belt:

  4. amy says:

    I don’t know about Toms. I worked with a dude who wore them and that kind of tainted them for me. I like the sentiment behind them, plus the comfort/ease factor and the fact that they aren’t Crocs.

  5. Jane says:

    I love this post! The prospect of drinking martinis in Frenchie’s with you has me all giddy. Maybe we can get Doug to drive us around in the back of his pick up as we queen wave to Digby – like the old days.
    Re: Tom’s – they feel like sneakers – super comfy, they breathe well – no summer sweaty feet, and the philanthropic angle makes it a guilt free purchase. I heavily endorse.

    • allygarbs says:

      It’s one of the best plans I have come up with. Ever. Can we please get Doug to drive us in? I actually recall him allowing us to sit in the back of his pick-up on a drive to Digby. This doesn’t feel as safe to me as it must have then. Perhaps I will need a martini or two before queen waving.

  6. Christina says:

    Just want to say…I love my TOMS shoes. They are the most comfortable things I’ve owned. Highly recommend them.

  7. […] 1963.  The only thing French about my outfit is my bike bell.  Not seen in the photo are my nautical rope bracelets. But don’t worry, most of my accessories will probably show up again this week. Heck, I may […]

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