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Ally: Hey friends. We’re taking a day off here at FPQT. L-A is up to her eyeballs in school work and I admittedly took a rare night off to get out of the suburbs to enjoy a movie with a friend. C’est la vie.

I’d love to write something fabulous about Halloween, but I hate Halloween. Instead I give you this:

YouTube Preview Image

Better than a crappy pop video. Way better.

5 Responses to Favourite Friday: October 29 Edition – We got Nothing

  1. Candice says:

    She just might be more scary than Dina Lohan.

  2. Tmo says:

    Just found your site randomly. I’m a NB girl myself.
    It’s nice to see some maritime fashion blogging. :)
    ps. That video is hilarious, Wish I could be like that afer 3 glasses of wine, hehe.

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