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L-A: Hooray for Friday! I’m mostly excited about Friday because Friday means end of this week and almost start of next week. I know this happens every Friday, but what makes it exciting is that next week is SuperBirthdayWeek™! (if I had flashy gifs and thought they were appropriate, I would use them now).

What is SuperBirthdayWeek™? It is the week when I and a few of my closest friends, former roommates/coworkers, and relatives share birthday time*. For reals. My birthday alone is shared with two other generations of my family, a former Banff roomie, and a guy I worked with at a summer camp near Saint John, NB. I love birthdays. I really love my birthday. Which makes this possibly the best week of the year. This is my Shark Week people. Because Shark Week doesn’t come with cake for breakfast and this week does.

As I gear up for SuperBirthdayWeek™, I will share with you my favouritest things of the week.

First of all: Puppies!

if this muppet like puppy doesn't melt your heart, then you are dead on the inside.

To be specific: Daily Puppy. Ben posted the link to that English Sheepdog puppy and I spent half my day looking at him. I wish I was kidding. I don’t even like dogs and I want that puppy in my life. Like five hours ago. In a perfect world, he would be mine and I would name him Mr. Muggs and he would stay a puppy forever.

Next favourite: James van der Memes.

Oh yes. It’s just what you think it is: Dawson approved memes of himself.

Yes, the constantly moving face creeps me out too.


The hilarity of the site is short lived, but I will enjoy the amusement for the time being.

Next favourite thing that is probably only interesting to those who are into public relations, which I am, so deal: Our unpaid staffer Anthony decided to lay the PR smack down and challenge another PR professional to a battle of press releases. (I bet you all want to enroll in PR school now!).  Someone really should hire Anthony and pay him for his work. We would, but, you know, we don’t actually have any money to pay him with.

Another favourite thing? Sure! – you may remember our post about NS designers and the G8. Well, some of those designers are in LA. Right now. As I type. And they’re not just in LA: they got to show off their wares at a Golden Globes gifting room.  Somebody famous is going to be carrying Michique or LouLouBell or wearing one of Lisa Drader-Murphy’s designs and jewellery by Susan Hood Designs. There is even photographic evidence of it. My hope? That adorable little poppet from Mad Men picked up stuff to bring back to our girls Peggy Olsen and Joan.

That is exciting stuff.

Is it a coincidence that the Golden Globes is kicking off SuperBirthdayWeek™? Probably not. It’s America’s way of telling me they love me.  (Speaking of Golden Globes – should we live-tweet/live-blog it again this year?)

And finally, my most favourite thing of all: my birthday present.

It may be my most favourite thing of the year. It’s a little early, but I need them early to wear to Birthday Karaoke.


What's in the adorable boxes L-A?


Oh, not much. Just the Prettiest Shoes EVER.


That’s right. Behold the Kate Spade shoe in pink satin and glitter!  They are so pretty, that I will probably devote another post just to my shoes. For now, let’s just soak in the pretty.  If you’d like to see them in real life, I do plan on wearing them at my favourite karaoke on Saturday night.

I don’t have a crappy pop video for you this week.  I never do. What I do have is equally crappy to any Enrique soft porn that Ally could bust out. I dedicate this to my shoes:

YouTube Preview Image

Oh, and I almost forgot. The obvious favourite: Targé is coming to Canada. Whaaat?

*happy birthdays to the following: My late granddad, my aunt, Krawlines, MDubs, Christine, my father-in-law, M.Leslie, and Smithers. (I feel like I’m forgetting someone. And yes, the aliases are necessary for those who’d rather not have their business all over the internets). Earlier January birthday wishes, because January is such an awesome month, go to: Key, Shantel, Jocelyn, and Shelley.

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0 Responses to Favourite Friday – the Jan 14th edition: these shoes were made for looking at

  1. AntonWilde says:

    Sweet Sassy Molassy. Those shoes deserve their own press release.

  2. Lady Bee says:

    Word. I am terribly envious. Owning something Kate Spade is certainly on my fashion bucket list.

  3. Jill says:

    Those shoes are AMAZING. Jealous! And happy birthday!

  4. Sarah says:

    Speechless. I need those for my collection!

  5. Intern Krista says:

    My word, those shoes are extraordinary. What do you wear with them to avoid diverting attention?

  6. Eden says:

    OH MY GOD.

    If I had gotten my blue Kate Spades we could have worn them together!

    ps did you ever take a look at the vintage Westies on Ladyface?

    • L-A says:

      That would have been awesome!

      I have seen the shoes…so pretty. Sadfaces that I’m a student & not shopping much right now (in spite of the pretty glitter shoes…but that was a present from my mom)

  7. Ivy says:

    Happy birthday, L-A! And, congrats on your new addition. You deserve everything pretty and glittery. One question: what was in the little round box?

  8. Krissy says:

    The shoooooes! Please wear those every day.

    Happy birthday, too! Though December is still the best birthday month, in my opinion. ;)

    • Krissy says:

      Oh, and I got so excited about the shoes that I forgot a most important gush: The Daily Puppy! Cutest thing ever! I think I will be spending way too much time on that website today… I blame you when my bills don’t get paid.

  9. Gina says:

    hahahahaha my birthday was yesterday and I totally had cake for breakfast this morning. Mostly because I was hungover and too tired to even prep cereal. Bed at 4am and class at 8:30am does not a lively morning make.

    Happy Birthday to you! LOVE those shoes!

    • L-A says:

      I always plan ahead for birthday cake for breakfast. If I’m having a party, I keep an eye on how much cake is left and if I see it getting to the last piece, it disappears into my fridge for my breakfast.

  10. JWG says:

    Don’t forget Mark Bergen (of markbergenfeet fame) Jan. 19 and Wayne Gretzky (of hockey fame) Jan. 26.

    • L-A says:

      SHUT UP! you never told me I share a birthday with markbergenfeet. This really and truly is my Shark Week. I did forget about the Great One – shame on me!

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