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L-A: It’s been a rough week here at FPQT. Off the blog that is. Papers and presentations. Babies and Important Work Things. I’m about to phone this one in as a way of saving my brain from going to media monitoring mush. But never fear! I’ll update it with real favourites once I get through class & have a nap.  For now, non crappy video of the week award goes to the ultra-adorable Jenn Grant:

YouTube Preview Image

Oh, just try and find someone more adorable with a catchier tune!

Actually, her outfit had The Husband requesting a post of Halifax fashion – more specifically, trying to look cute in weather that can’t make up it’s mind. Of course, we’re up for the challenge.  We’re also up for the challenge to talk skating fashions – because we do adore the Oval. And some other questions have been asked about coming up with style when you have none. The same person asked about wearing sweaters with ponies on them. This could be tricky.

But these are all things to come…for early next week.  For now, we’ll focus on what is to come later today: more favourites for the week! In the meantime, what’s your favourite thing this week? It can be a book, a movie, a TV show, a dress, a place to shop, a new kind of cake, kittens who go for rides on appliances. Free for all favourites in the comments!  I’ll talk to you again after noon.

Brief Commercial Break from Ally: Work has gotten in the way of my trite writings on the blogness. Sad. I know. It’s Friday though. All I need is to get through today, keeping my eye on the prize of a half hour of sitting in a corner, singing this song and drinking a soup bowl of wine.

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I ain’t the kind to take home to mama. Not today. Not. Today.

3 Responses to Favourite Friday – the belatedly Jan.28th edition: isn’t Jenn Grant adorable?!

  1. Rhia says:

    My favourite thing today is tiny people in monster hats and the Bogs explosion around town. Hurray for cute warm practical boots!

  2. Mel says:

    Favourites: Ginger cookies from Just Us!, the awesome and totally batshit crazy idea I came up with after brushing my cat (yeah. BRUSHING MY CAT) to keep his fur, and make it into yarn, and then to learn how to knit a sweater with a kitty on it, MADE FROM KITTIES!, Guinness, the fact that it’s Friday. TGIF. For reals.

  3. jo-ann Hicks Brown says:

    My favourite thing today is the potential officialness of Monday’s US concert announcement!

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