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L-A: My favourite thing of the week is not even remotely fashion related. I am all over this right now:

That’s me watching the NCAA championships. You have no idea how much I love my March basketball. When I took that screen shot, I was also watching a second game on my iPhone. In case you were wondering, and I assume you were not, neither game worked out for me and Louisville busted up my brackets a little bit.

Also a favourite: Parks and Rec and Community were both renewed. I know Intern Krista and Jill will be as pleased as I am about this. This means I can continue to have April Ludgate as a fashion hero. And based on last night’s episode, maybe Leslie Knope. But only if she keeps on wearing cute dresses like this one and not the Hillary Clinton pantsuits:

All kinds of respect for H. Clinton, but the Serious Lady Pantsuit ain’t my bag. But then, since I’m never going to be negotiating peace deals, I can get probably away with pony dresses in my professional life.

Moving along, a mildly amusing video I came across this week:

YouTube Preview Image

Oh Mr. Schuster and Zooey Deschanel, how far you’ve come since this Made for TV Movie! Well, how far Zooey’s come. Matthew Morrison looks and acts just as dorky, but gets a way bigger paycheque. Then again, that’s the dream isn’t it? To get paid to be your own dorky self? Whatever. I think I’d prefer to be in Zooey’s shoes and have managed to become more famous and infinitely cuter. As opposed to famous and still dorky.

I am maybe biased by her adorbs bangs and cute dresses. And hangs out with squinty indie musicians.

Given the choice, I’d take cuter and singing catchier original songs. Given no choice, I’d probably take dorky and super popular while singing karaoke style on TV. That is, if being famous was a goal (it’s not. Cute bangs are always a goal though).

And finally, I think I found the crappy pop song to top all crappy pop songs. If you haven’t seen this yet, please don’t hate me for introducing this to you.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m totally going to start writing bad pop songs for teenagers. I’m working on a song that goes something like this:

Heyyyy, it’s March. March comes before April. Yeahhhh.

What do you think? I just need to find a teenager and an autotune machine to make this happen. Ally will rap in the middle of the song. I think I’m on to something big.

19 Responses to Favourite Friday – the March 18 edition: basketball, cute dresses & the crappiest pop video

  1. jo says:

    I will give a prize to the person who destroys every single autotune device on the planet. I HATE THAT SOUND. When will it be over????

    On a more serious note, I totally agree about Hilary, but I once read an interesting article during the US election about Hilary’s “style” … and how critical the press are of female candidates and what they wear, but male candidates are critiqued on their actual views. bah.

    • L-A says:

      Word on the auto-tune.

      I was always annoyed by the fashion commentary during the US election. Next election, I’m going to start judging male candidates based on their outfits first, then their platforms. Just to even the playing field a little. I comment here, because it’s the style Leslie Knope always wears and I don’t much care for it.

    • L-A says:

      For some reason, when I went looking for pony dresses, I thought that you might have an idea where to find one. I was right. Those are super cute.

      The dress that Rachel wore on Glee is sadly out of stock (although is very close to the Tokito dress), but I was going for accuracy over availability when I tried to find what Leslie wore to the opening of Harvest Festival.

  2. Lady Bee says:

    That awful, awful song is going to be in my head all day now. Poor Rebecca. I feel bad for her. She should just concentrate on getting a good education instead.

    However, YAY for “Parks and Rec” and “Community”, my favourite parts about Thursday. And March Madness! I trust you did not have Morehouse State.

    • L-A says:

      I do feel bad for the Rebecca kid. I found an article (via Jezebel) that actually talks to her and her mom. She auditioned, got to pick from two songs and her mom paid $2000 for it. The mom admits she thought the lyrics were dumb. They’re giving some of the kid’s profits to charity – probably to try and quell the haters.

      Parks & Rec and Community totally make Thursday awesome in my books. I had a hate on for NBC sitcoms for years and then they brought me those. And renewed them! (which is kind of a minor miracle…NBC loves to cancel good shows).

      I definitely did not have Morehead State. I also expected more from USC, Clemson, Michigan State (a last minute change in my brackets that I regret), and I went with Old Dominion over Butler. bah!

  3. Rhia says:

    Slow-Mo Friday:

    It gets sort of Sigur Ros…

    • L-A says:

      almost listenable! Although, it could do without the crashing wave sounds. After awhile they get too new agey spa for me.

  4. allygarbs says:

    That is the worst song I have ever heard in my entire life. That is saying a lot.

  5. Jill says:

    There’s a really interesting post on NPR’s Monkeysee blog about that video. I feel bad for this kid!

    • L-A says:

      I read the Daily Beast article that interviews her. I do feel bad for the kid. If that was 13 year old me, I would have curled up and died by now. But she’s not the problem. The real problem is paying $2k to a company that writes really horrible songs and puts them on YouTube. Maybe a mediocre pop song. Maybe a cover of a song. But not a really horribly written one.

      Also, what the hell to whoever wrote that song! They should be banned from songwriting. Take away their pens!

    • allygarbs says:

      The kid is cool. Dude, I would have done the exact same thing at 13. The problem is with the douchebag songwriters. Kid gets a pass. And then some. Plus props for having the maturity beyond her years to laugh at herself and the situation. No joke, she’ll go far in life with that attitude. I vote to let her sing “Stronger” by Britney on Auto-tune. I’ll get down with that.

      • L-A says:

        Agreed. I’m willing to give 13-year-olds a pass on a lot of things. She deserves more than a pass for not crumpling up into a ball and begging for that to be removed from YouTube. I am not giving any adult a pass for writing that shit.

  6. Toby says:

    My daughter (not a teenager) and I watched this video today. Daughter wants to know who gave this girl money. As for me, I can’t decide between the front seat or back seat…

    • L-A says:

      The story is that the parents paid a vanity label $2k to produce a song and video for their daughter. So adults are completely responsible for this (I would have understood if the teenager had actually written it…adults writing this is just bad).

      My decision between front and back seat all depends on whether the front seat is heated or not.

  7. i heart zooey.

    i must say i have a little hate on for you at the moment for sharing that song with us.

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