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Ally: If you don’t live in Halifax, and you read our blog, you must want to punch us in the face to get us to shut the eff up about the weather. I hear you, I do, and normally I don’t complain about the weather. This, however, is ridiculous. Today the sun came out for all of 20 minutes and I swear I was about to start running around naked in the streets. Mostly to show off my new spray tan!

Yes, that’s right! I got a spray tan! Two of my good friends got married this weekend and I was honoured to stand in the wedding. As I was wearing a strapless and rather indecently short dress (for a Catholic wedding) I figured the good Lord would at least appreciate a little golden bronze action. So, I asked my Facebook friends if they had ever had the spray tan experience. When more than one came back suggesting I head to Mudwraps to Manicures for an airbrush treatment I picked up the phone and booked an appointment.

Basically, the airbrush tan is like this:

YouTube Preview Image

The results were fantastic. The first day, you can’t shower for eight hours. As I exfoilated and showered first thing in the morning for my 9am appointment it wasn’t that big a deal. I did feel a bit sticky, and El Jeffe noted I looked a tad “dirty faced”, but it was all good. The next day the tan was perfect. Not too dark. Not too orange. Just right. Here’s a shot of the spray tan in action. Really! In Action! Playing football before the bridal party photos:

I brag about playing football in my stilletos, but the truth is that my Marc Fisher shoes came off before the dinner started. I traded them in for my new Fit Flops! They might be the new Crocs, but I dig them. And they are bedazzled in silver.


Judge if you must, but these babies enabled me to do the ass drop and running man for a solid hour on the dance floor.

L-A: I’m still unsure of the fitflop, but I’ll support anything that allows Ally to do an ass drop on the dance floor with ease.

Since we’re talking weddings, I just have to mention some of the crazy I watched on TLC last night:

YouTube Preview Image

I. Don’t. Even.


Here’s the wedding of 16 year old Josie. She said the slit was classy, but I’m not sure that counts as either slit or classy.

Despite saying, “the more bleed, the better the dress”, the kid seemed happy.

Crazier still: communion dresses!

The dress weighed twice as much as she did. And her brother looked like a mini-third world dictator.

And I’m not even talking about the battery powered light up dress that came with it’s own fire extinguisher.

There was also some serious spray tanning on this show. Apparently six is a good age to start. (Ally’s tan looked much nicer and more natural).

In short: crazy and amazing. Cramazing.

and p.s. there was sun yesterday and I didn’t even know what to do with it. I didn’t know how to dress and I felt like that little Mogwai creature when I walked outside – bright light! bright light!  I was able to go running without my jacket. Insane! (normal for other parts of the world. not for a place that’s had rain/grey for about 40 days straight. Although, I suppose, compared to tornados, earthquakes, flooding, towns on fire, and tsunamis, we’ve had it pretty good).

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  1. Ivy says:

    My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding – my new favourite guilty pleasure! Gypsy culture is so fascinating, even without the giant weddings and first communions.

    • L-A says:

      I’ll admit, once I got past the bafflement of the giant dresses, I was really digging the show and getting to find out about traveler culture.

  2. Lyndsay says:

    Dang! I missed Gypsie weddings last night!
    looks fascinating

    PS: Pretty dress Ally! I miss you

  3. Roisin says:

    this makes me want cable more than anything!

    also, in Ireland, they’re called ‘knackers’.

    • L-A says:

      their accents are adorable. Sometimes they remind me of listening to Nfld’ers. I enjoy that TLC puts subtitles on the screen so Americans can understand what they’re saying.

  4. Kim says:

    Oooo that spray tan is intriguing – looks great on you, and no skin damage, so will definitely think seriously about doing it. hmmm….
    I tuned in to that gypsy show for a few minutes and didn’t really get it? I missed the beginning so I was confused as to what gypsy culture is all about…call me old fashioned but when I think of gypsies I think of Esmeralda from Disney, know what I mean? Not jail bait in a pink puffball dress. Anyhoo, it was fun to tune in for a bit anyway and see their antics. Um the mother of the 17 year old with the battery powered pink wedding dress?! She was SO scary looking! I think she’s had a few too many tans (and a bit too much bleach in her hair…yikes)

    • L-A says:

      I turned it off before the wedding of the battery powered girl – but I saw the mom! She looked like a leather bag! That was a good reason not to tan.

      It took me a minute to figure out the gypsy thing. I was also expecting Disney-style Roma. Not Irish-Catholic travellers.

      And I agree about the spray tan…I might think about that for myself. Mostly because tanning for me is impossible. Even if skin damage wasn’t an issue and I could lie in the sun all day, all that would happen is me turning red.

  5. Amy says:

    I thought gypsies were fictional (I also thought pirates were fictional until about six months ago, go figure).

    I really want a spray tan, but I have heard it’s not good for les fetuses so I’ll have to be a great white whale all summer. This Jergens gradual self-tanner just doesn’t work fast enough for me!

    • L-A says:

      I’m always blown away when things like gypsies and pirates turn out to be real things. Like when I first heard of Somali pirates, I thought maybe it was a joke (turns out, not at all a joke). Sometimes I think they should give them a new name – like sea hijackers – so I don’t get images of fictional pirates in my head.

      Sad about the spray tan and being pale (I feel that pain), but congrats on the fetus! I used to use a gel thing by Lancome – it wasn’t permanent (pretty much only good for the day you put it on. I only stopped because I’m lazy/can’t afford really frivolous Lancome stuff), but it made your legs look less like death warmed over and you didn’t look orange.

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