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Ally: Guys – a bonus post to let you know about the 34th Annual Festival of Crafts, Antiques, Arts & Foods at the Halifax Forum this weekend.

 The times:

Fri 10-9

Sat 10-9

Sun 10-6


The bonus:

Saturday nite 2 for 1 admission

The real reason I’m posting:

LouLouBell is in the main building booth 78.

As many of you know, Lynds (the designer behind LouLouBell) is a good friend of mine and I’m a huge fan of her goods. She has some new items for sale, and I highly encourage you to get out and own some LouLou. Your hair will thank you.


3 Responses to NEWS FLASH!

  1. Ben says:

    Favourite things about this post:

    1) Yes to drinking Lucky Spice all the time in preparation for my reclusive, old man alcoholic years ahead.

    2) The stage mom in the X-Factor video. JEEEEEsus.

    • la says:

      I don’t know about X-Factor (that’s Ally’s realm), but YESSSS to drinking more Lucky Spices. that was tasty and boozy.

  2. These are so pretty! I tried to look online, but the store is closed for now. I’ll have to check back when it re-opens. :)

    -Lindy from

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