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L-A: I don’t think we’ve ever not posted before. We always post. Or at least warn you.

Sadly, this will be the day we don’t post. Ally had to catch up on a big deadline at work and I actually fell asleep mid-sentence last night. I was talking about the door count at Crafters and then heard myself say, “blah blah blah Moscow”. The blah blah blah being words that actually made sense and the Moscow being the whatever I was dreaming about working itself into a sentence. I couldn’t even work the rice cooker after a day on my feet with little sleep. I was like this, but without the helpful kitten to play me off:

YouTube Preview Image

In the meantime, let’s re-affirm the thing we all believe in:

Leggings: they are not pants.

And if you don’t believe me, look what happens to people who wear and sell leggings as pants:

YouTube Preview Image

I’m sure there were other extenuating circumstances that brought LiLo to this point…but I’m sure the leggings had something to do with it.

p.s. there’ll be a real post on Wednesday.

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Fashionable People, Questionable Things.