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L-A: I’m having one of those weeks where I feel like I need more week to get shit done. Having said that, I’ll be quite happy when it’s time to break into the vino and chill the eff out with some Fringe or some Hoarders. My favourites are a little weak this week and for that I apologize. Maybe I’ll update tonight – after the wine and an episode of hoarders. I’m sure I’ll be ready for favourites then. In the meantime…

1. Like I said on TV…

For those of you who aren’t in Halifax (or are and don’t watch the Live at Five), I was on chitchatting about the Pinterest. Which is basically the interwebs way of letting you have a place for all of your bulletin boards of stuff and then share it with your friends. And then take some of their stuff and put it on your own board. It’s not entirely surprising I should dig it.

seriously. I did this kind of thing before the interwebs. You probably did too.

I don’t use it a ton, but only becuase I want to keep my job and I know I’ll end up down a rabbit hole of pretty things if I start in on the Pinterest. Ally says I was coherent and had nice hair. I’m not sure if I did or if she’s just telling me stories, but either way I’ll take it. And should you want to follow my collection of nautical stripes or ampersands, y’all can find and follow me on the Pinterest.

2. Hipster music as car commercials

I often threaten to start sending Toddler G mixed tapes for his musical education. I know Ally is an amazing mom, but it pains me that her son is growing up in a world of only ass dropping music. He needs to know there’s more out there. And that’s now my job.

YouTube Preview Image

Bahahahahaha! I know just putting OKGo on the blog is killing her. I don’t even think it’s hipster music and I like the song okay, but what I really enjoy is how much Ally will hate this video.

3. Speaking of cars…

I totally bought one. Which feels equal parts insane and adult of me. I’m still surprised they let me leave the lot with it. But you know what owning a car means? It means road trips. To places like Frenchy’s! Maybe one of these days I’ll take some allergy pills and join Ally for an afternoon at her fabled Digby Frenchy’s. It’ll be just like this:

YouTube Preview Image

Except, in a Kia. And with far less bank robbing, Brad Pitt or driving off of cliffs. But otherwise, totally like that.

4. Oscar Party!

Helpful hints in life: Never enter a land war in Asia or an Oscar pool with us. We will send you menacing notes from the pages of Vogue.

We’re totally having an Oscar party! Yaaaay! And if you can’t be there in person, you can be there in spirit. We suggest buying yourself a box of wine, a cupcake and following on the live blogging, the tweets (both on our own site and a few for Empire Theatres).

5. Speaking of movies….

I totally want to see two of the cheesiest looking movies this year. And give them awards.  A nominee for Movie Most Likely to Make L-A Ugly Cry Despite Being a Terrible Movie goes to:

YouTube Preview Image

I vow to live in the warmth of your heart? Really? God. It’s going to be so awful. I will drink beforehand.

And a nominee for Movie I’m Watching Only For Pretty Men Who Will Take Off Their Shirts:

YouTube Preview Image

Yeah. Forget fancy movies like the The Artist (which I’m told is quite good, despite the lack of words). February is going to be a good month for me and my Rom Com ladies.

Ally: This is going to be quick as I’ve got some “hot button issues” on my desk (said in a “I’m very important voice”).

To respond to L-A:

  1. That video is hideous. Yes, please put it on Toddler G’s mix tape.
  2. Digby Frenchy’s field trip? Yes, please!

I’m actually really excited to see The Vow. I’ve been a “fan” of Channing Tatum for quite some time.

YouTube Preview Image

Treat Yo Self, Channing Tatum!

In short, I’m all over that Rom Com.

My favourites this week include Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall’s relationship status. Sure, I may have hated on him (loved on her!) last week, but I’m glad they’re back together. They make me happy the way people I’ve never met make me happy.

Verging on Leann Rimes/Eddie Ciblisomething (spl? Don't care?) Gushy territory, but I'm buying it.


I’m Friends with Celebrities

In addition to being friends with L-A, who guest starred on Live at Five last night (seriously, I was beyond proud. Did you not see her hair?!) I am also really close with Howie D from the Backstreet Boys as supported by the fact he is following  me on The Twitter. It’s like we’re sort of dating? But not? Cause I’m married? That is what it is sort of like.

{Editors note: Please enjoy the “laineygossip dot com” tab open on my computer, as well as the important research I am undertaking around Jay Z and Beyonce trademarking their daughter’s name}


Crappy Pop Video of the Week

aka what you all come  here for on Fridays. Today’s gem is from Kelly Clarkson. Basically, if you don’t grab a hairbrush (or the empty bottle of Bud from last week that is sitting on your desk) and scream along to this song, you’re not human. You do not feel.

YouTube Preview Image

3 Responses to Favourite Friday – the February 10th edition

  1. la says:

    I’m going to start leaving a “hipster” video for you every week, Ally. Because I love you. Although, real hipsters will scoff at my choices and call them mainstream.

  2. Adam says:

    Regarding hipster music car commercial – can’t argue it’s not creative. It’s all creativing virality these days…

    • la says:

      The execution of the ad is awesome! I actually love it. I would have loved to see how that was pitched. “So, we’re going to soup out your car, pretty much ruining it, then we’re going to drive through two miles of desert banging about 50+ pianos and some barrels and guitars. It’ll be awesome.”

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