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L-A: Next to Christmas, the BEST DAY EVER for us is our birthdays (well, our entire birthday weeks). Because birthdays are your day. Not anyone else’s. Yours. So, June 26 is totally National Allyday. And to celebrate, I totally stole her idea and went to the staff for birthday wishes.

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Mel: To Ally on this glorious of birthday occasions, I wish to gift to you this bitchin’ Trans- Am.

Why? Because every proper 80s hair band throwback groupie knows that a bitchin’ Trans-Am is as important as white cowboy boots with a fringe, frosted lipstick and cut-off denim shorts. And while you cruise around town in this fine automobile, may you find your way to your own version of Paradise City.

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Jill: Happy Birthday Ally! You deserve to have a truly fabulous day, what with the owning your own business, the being a mom and the moonlighting as a stylish (when not wearing leggings as pants), funny blogger. In a fantasy world, I would send you to Vegas this weekend to see YelaWolf at Rain Nightclub. (I have no idea what a YelaWolf is, but I hear she likes it.) I would also give you all the boxed wine in the city and this Alice + Olivia dress that feels very Vegas-y.


OK, so this song doesn’t have an official video yet. But it’s pop, some might say it’s “crappy” (never me) and it features my doppelganger Carly Rae, so it’s ALMOST like I’m singing directly to you. Hope you have a good time!

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Krista: Ally and I survived life in the trenches of nuttiness. We’re like Band of Brothers, except we’re girls and we stayed inside, gossiping and analyzing the style choices of our colleagues. These days, Ally is as busy as she is special. For her birthday, I’m getting her the lifetime services of a majordomo*. Anyone can have a butler, darlings, but a majordomo runs your house and takes on decision-making on your behalf.

This gift gives Ally (and, by extension, El Jefe and Little H) loads more time to do things like:

1. Focus on her Eminem fan fiction.

2. Constant, professional-grade Frenchy’s shopping runs.

3. Make a tutu.

4. Spend time with her family.

5. Hunt for the elusive, possibly fictional, Yelawolf.


*A majordomo is a person who speaks, makes arrangements, or takes charge for another. Typically, the term refers to the highest (major) person of a household (domo) staff, one who acts on behalf of the (often absent) owner of a typically large residence. Thanks, Tristate Domestic Staffing!



But that’s not all. I’m also giving you a smooth slice of 1980s cheese, in the form of Candi & the Backbeat’s “Under Your Spell.” As a final birthday gift, I’ll give you the blazer Candi is wearing in the video. Ally, I wish you the happiest of happy birthdays.

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L-A: Krista’s gift is waaaay more thoughtful than mine. To my awesome friend of  nine years, I give you all the boxes of wine, all you can eat pasta (or sushi. Your call), and I wish you a day to Treat Yo’ Self.

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It’s the best day of the year!

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  1. Both Jill & I managed to give Ally Yelawolf-related presents. We must love her more than everyone else.

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