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Ally: What’s up, homies? It’s been a minute.

I have never needed a long weekend as much as I need this one. I think I say that whenever a long weekend is in sight, but I mean it this time. I really mean it.

1. FPQT Staff Send Ally Love

The obvious favourite for me this week was the amazing birthday love I got from my gorgeous co-blogger and our Official Unpaid Interns. The fact that two of them referenced Yelawolf meant that they really like me. They really really like me.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks, guys. Hugs and kisses and such.

2. I May Like Blake Lively’s Hair


What?  You may be saying (or not)? It’s rare that I say anything nice about Blake. In fact I say a lot of not nice things about Blake -and they’re rather funny - but I have to give girl props for the hair she brought to the Savages premiere…somewhere…I’m too lazy to google where it was. So, there! A nice thing about Blake Lively! The hair goes so lovely with her (alleged) implants! OMG I’m such a bitch!

Here’s how you can do it at home! Knowing me I’ll fuck it up royally. YouTube hair tutorials just make me feel like a Master Tool.

YouTube Preview Image

 3. Revisiting Past Posts

One of the benefits of working next to L-A a few days a week is we get to tell each other how amazing we are every few seconds. During one of these sessions, we recalled how awesome we were when we wrote our Ryan Gosling vs Ryan Reynolds post back in the day. One of our co-workers quietly spoke out saying, “Um, can you guys hear yourselves right now?” We took this as a compliment. She obviously thinks we are hilarious as well and is pleased we are recognizing such a truth.

Go back in time with us and revisit the hotness (for the record, I’m over both of them. I’m in a hip-hop state of mind now).

That’s right.

4. Movie I’m Making L-A See With Me

The costumes! The bad music! The melodrama! I’ll need to ply her with three boxes of wine, but I’m sure she’ll make it through the movie.

YouTube Preview Image


Crappy Pop Video of the Week

L-A said last week that the Slaughterhouse video I requested for Crappy Pop Video of the Week was,

one country superstar short of being everything Ally loves about music.


YouTube Preview Image

Don’t ever test my crappy music tastings.





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