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Hey Friends:

Sorry for the lack of gold on our site today. L-A is sick and Ally’s toddler is home with a fever.

We’ll be back Friday for sure, and if there is light at the end of the tunnel today, perhaps a bonus post tomorrow.

Until then, let’s listen to L-A’s favourite musical artist.Over and Over. And Over again.

YouTube Preview Image

3 Responses to We’re taking a sick day

  1. la says:

    Just because I like Boyfriend doesn’t mean I like everything by the Biebs. Boyfriend is a good jam and I will blast it from the car radio (except maybe when I’m pulling up to a coffee shop that is surrounded by hipsters. Then I quickly change to Japandroids).

  2. allygarbs says:

    Sorry, you seem to have cut-out after “Just because I like Boyfriend…” Can’t hear you. Sorrynotsorry.

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