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L-A: This is the random style icon you never saw coming. I mean, Ladies Mary and Sybil make sense. Angela Chase makes sense. Stephanie Kaye totally made sense. But this? Even I didn’t see this coming.

Yes. Muppets. But not the Muppets you’re expecting.

Oh sure. Everyone is all, “Oh Miss Piggy, Style Icon“. Whatevs. She knocked off Anna Wintour’s hairdo.


I did that and no one thought it was particularly impressive. As Shania Twain once said (and yes, I am mildly shameful for quoting this), “that don’t impress me much”.

And sure, she’s hung out with Marc Jacobs, well…okay, I haven’t done that.


But lots of people hang out with Marc Jacobs. Far more impressive creatures hang out with Marc Jacobs.

The thing is, Miss Piggy is my least favourite Muppet. Hand to god. I have no time for Miss Piggy. I don’t get the frog/pig thing. And she mostly annoys me.

The Muppets I do like? The B-listers. The unsung heroes. The penguins doing flips and bunny hops in the background.

YouTube Preview Image

So to those Muppets that Vogue ignores, I dedicate this post to you. I look at you as the style icons. The innovators. The daring ones. You sing Mahnamahna in style.

YouTube Preview Image

You brrrrrring like you’ve never heard a phone before.

YouTube Preview Image

You totally sold that performance. And yet, not even a “who wore it better” on the pages of People.

But fear not B-List Muppets! We here at FPQT salute you. We see what you’re doing. We see how you were left out of the OPI Muppet collection. And we know that Pink Tartan sees you too. How else do you explain the vest I saw when I visited The Room at The Bay on Saturday?



The colour totally washed me out, but otherwise, it was super worth the $325 to make me look like a Muppet. At least I hope it was inspired by Muppets. Because if they skinned a Muppet to make this, I have just one thing to say to Kimberly Newport Mimram*:

*actually, I have two things to say to her. The other is that I need to tell her just how perfect this black Pink Tartan dress is. I tried it on at The Room and was suddenly overwhelmed by it’s perfection and was left with only one reaction:

YouTube Preview Image

Ally: I have no idea what L-A was drinking last evening, but I have do doubt it was delicious and full of The Booze. As such, I have nothing to contribute. I’ll wait until Friday when I can present my new favourite GIF.

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4 Responses to Your Random Style Icon: B-List Muppets

  1. Danielle says:

    I’ve always thought Janice had some sweet style.

    Miss Piggy is really annoying. I never really understood what Kermit saw in her.

    Also, I love Pink Tartan. I’ll take one of everything from the fall collection, please.

    • la says:

      Oh man, so much Pink Tartan that I want. The muppet vest, not so much, but just about everything else? Want.

      Yeah, never got the whole pig/frog thing. I do get Janice as a style icon – she had fantastic hair (for a muppet).

  2. The unsung fashion icon was Rizzo the Rat he was always wearing something different but held that Brooklyn Streets style often White T-shirted or wearing a letterman jacket.

    c’mon what other muppet had a tailored suit

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