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L-A: I was so caught up in talking about 50 Shades of Grey and Pretend Boyfriends (and god I hope none of my Pretend Boyfriends end up in that movie. I know Shakespeare gots to get paid, but a lame rom-com with Reese Witherspoon is the better way to go), that I completely forgot to beg you for the following:



I want to play it all cool and shit, but we want your love and admiration. A lot. Which is why we’re asking you to vote for us as best blog in Halifax.

Reasons to vote for us?

1. We love you.

2. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has a bit about needing recognition for blogging for three and a half years. No, I didn’t study psychology after I finished intro psych, but I’m sure this is a thing.

3. Good karma. I think.

4. We’ll randomly make one of you a Pretend Boyfriend/Girlfriend calendar, fit perfectly for Facebook cover photos, just for you. Even if you’re not in the Fantasy Pretend Boyfriend League. This is the only bribe we have.

5. Did I mention we love you?

6. I will totally videotape Ally recreating this scene should we win (okay, we have two bribes):

This is what happens when you go on vacation. Your co-blogger volunteers you for embarrassing things and puts your theatre degree to work.

We do understand if your BFF/girlfriend/boyfriend/cousin has a blog and you feel the need to vote for them. We love the other bloggers out there and we’d have a tough time choosing just one if the choice didn’t include ourselves.

Soooo, love us with votes? Please?

Wow. There’s no not awkward way to get out of a post that begs.  Keyboard cat, play me out!

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