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L-A: So, funny story. I kind of forgot to write today’s post. Ahahahahaha…oh wait. That’st not actually funny. The truth is, I was tired and totally distracted by the fact that the Husband was coming home for a visit. Now for favourites:

1. The air totally changed!

We had the best and most fantastic summer I can remember since moving to Nova Scotia. Then earlier this week we had a day of rain. Then the next day was sunny, but there was suddenly a chill in the air and I could safely wear tights and a jean jacket.

I know a lot of people will be bummed, but I’m pumped about the chill because it means only one thing: Sweater. Weather.

yessss…I will wear you all the time sweater!

2. domino magazine

This awesome magazine folded a few years ago, but has been brought back as a special seasonal thing and I love it. It makes me want to buy a new couch and paint the wall stripes.

The husband is pretty happy that I’m often too lazy to take on a giant painting project like that while he’s away.

3. Crappy Pop Video of the Week

I need Ally back…because I have no idea what’s available to me in the world of Crappy Pop Videos.

YouTube Preview Image

Suggestions? I clearly need help.

That song does have a Double Casey Kasem Long Distance Dedication: Ally – please come back, baby! I’m glad you like the beach, but the readers are suffering! and to one of my best people, Elizabeth. She knows why!! (so cryptic! But mostly because it’s not a story that you’d actually be interested in. So I’m going to say it may or may not be because she’s embarking on  a career as an international spy).

4. Your Hipster Jam of the Week

I dont’ really have one, but I was listening to a lot of Rage the other day. It brings me zen feelings when I need them most.

YouTube Preview Image

Apparently, I don’t look like a Rage fan. Then again, I don’t look like a person who once wrote a paper on the Militarization of the Brazilian Environment (that one shocks even the Husband). I am a very complex lady.

5. Ermagerd! Lerng Werkernd! (translation: Oh My God! Long Weekend!!)

I’ve got a five day long weekend!! Wheeeee!

6. Fantasy Pretend Boyfriend League

Well, last week’s attempt at being organized and fair did not work out. So I’m going to play around with scores and rules and get back to you on Monday.

7. Despite messing up the Pretend Boyfriend League, it’d be rad if you still voted for us


This is probably the last week that we beg. I do promise to videotape Ally doing something mildly ridiculous should we win. So please please please vote?

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