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L-A: I’m sick/had a crazy (but pretty awesome) weekend (what up, Bluenose II?). Ally also had a long weekend. Which leads to neither of us having anything to post. Because no one wants to hear me whine about being sick.

But we didn’t want to leave you completely hanging. I went to Anthropologie in search of something I want/need to share with you, because that’s how Anthropologie and I roll (I just want to move into one of their stores). But this is what greeted me:

Someone needs to explain these pants to me. Specifically, what I’d like to know:

a) Who would look good in these? Because they’re not particularly flattering on the professional model. No matter how happy she looks to be wearing them.

b) Where would you wear them? To work? A party? Drinks with the girls?

c) What would you wear them with? Because I’m not convinced by Anthropologie’s styling here.

Any thoughts on these? Is it just me who is repelled by them?

9 Responses to What in the what now: Anthropologie

  1. I’m moderately okay with the purple-panted outfit…. However, mostly, these are repulsive. I bet they’d go super nicely with bagel heading. Please, be my guest, Google “bagel heading.”

  2. I love Anthropologie, but this season I can’t say there’s anything I really love.

    These pants are pretty awful, although the model in the middle looks relatively alright.

    • la says:

      I guess they can’t win it every season. Although, if they’re going to try to sell me on crazy pants, they should probably try to make the model look more than just alright.

  3. Birdy says:

    The only person I could see wearing these are an eccentric great aunt. She doesn’t shop at Anthropologie.

  4. The flood length pant would do a great job of showing off cankles.

  5. Vanessa says:

    I’m not feeling them, but there were lots of crazy patterned pants on the ladies of Paris so I think it’s a thing.

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