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Ally: I’m totally spent this evening, so my favourites will be brief.

Amy and Tina for the Golden Globes

Best decision ever.


Kate Hudson’s Boots

No, I’m not joking. Thanks for asking though.


Beyonce Performing at Superbowl

This half-time show will be fantastical.

YouTube Preview Image

(I posted that video for no reason whatsoever except that it makes me smile).

This Song (Because I’m all Sad Times Bear Tonight)

I would hug this song if I could. I played this CD so much that it’s wrecked.

YouTube Preview Image

And I’m out.

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  1. Rhia says:

    Ok this is totally off topic, but surely to heck Kate Hudson can afford a better carrier than a Baby Bjorn that her kid has already outgrown. /offtopic

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