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Ally: Good morning, friends! To those of you in Halifax, I hope you had safe travels into work. It’s gross out there.

Friday post is going to be short this week as  banana loaf and a cup of coffee are calling my name (Friday is a good day to have a home-office day). Before I get into things I like, I’d like to start off with something that really bugs me, which is bad PR.

Interacting with your customers on Twitter is fantastic. Encouraged, even. The thing is, you should probably follow through, especially if you’re dealing with a fellow communications professional who co-runs a fashion blog read by millions a few dozen people. Yes, I’m calling you out Thyme Maternity. Last Friday I tweeted my irritation at the over-aggressive sales staff who basically attacked me as soon as I walked into the empty store in Bayers Lake.

I’ve had this issue with the store during my previous pregnancy and actually got anxiety before walking in this time, but I was at a lost as to where else to go for tights and a sweater dress that was close to home (next time Motherhood at Halifax Shopping Centre will absolutely get my business).

My tweet got a few replies from some lovely fellow snarks on Twitter, and I was pleasantly surprised when I was tweeted by the store itself.

Now mind you it was the USA store, which I found weird, but I assumed they have a phone line to their Canadian peeps. The interaction continued for some time (you can follow the thread here if you’re having a really shitty Friday and want to see what someone in the suburbs does during their coffee break on a Friday afternoon) and then they offered to give me a call if I DM’ed them my number. At first I said it was cool, I was over it, but then I realized if I’m going to publicly shit all over a store on the Internet I should have the decency to follow-up with their process and tell my story. So, I DM’ed my number and got this response:

I’m no expert in days of the week or nothing, but my three year old informed me that today was FRIDAY (he knows this because Friday is mac and cheese night at our house…I know, I know…ten years ago I was doing body shots at Pacifico on Friday nights just shut your face). So, it’s FRIDAY and I have yet to hear from a representative from Thyme Maternity. If you’re reading this, please don’t call. You lost me and hopefully my massive amount dozens of followers.

Bad PR, Thyme Maternity. Bad PR. You have no problem terrifying pregnant women telling them that if they don’t have the proper maternity pajamas in the hospital they will FAIL AS MOTHERS, but you can’t follow up on a phone call? You’re the Lance Armstrong of Twitter this week and you just messed with the SECOND most popular blog in Halifax as voted by readers of The Coast. Bam.


(Editors Note: As I am pregnant, I have asked Krista to do the surrogate drinking for me as outlined in the GIF above to make my mother fudging point).

On to fun things!

Listening to Smart-Like Music

One of my new year’s resolutions that I just made up right now is to listen to better music in 2013. This was really realized through my toddler who happily sings Maroon 5 and Britney Spears. Friends, I’ve failed him.

So, I’ve been educating myself through the University of Songza. Baby steps, though. Right now I’m really only able to stomach (and cringe) while listening to Commercial Indie Pop. Yesterday I found the playlists they made for all of the Girls characters. I diligently listened to Hannah and Marnie, but if I’m truth telling, I desperately wanted to listen to Shoshanna all day.

House of Lies is back on!

This show made me like Kristen Bell, which made L-A begin to like me (a little bit). Haven’t watched the first episode of the second season yet. That’s for after mac and cheese tonight!

YouTube Preview Image

A Day in the Life

I shudder to think of someone making a film based on a day in my life, but I’m glad someone made one about a day in the life of making garments at Comrags Studio.

I’m a fan of Comrags, so I’m a fan of this video. This was sent to me by my good friend Maura, whose a bit of an artist herself. I even enjoyed the indie music in the background!

I wonder if L-A is doing a shooter right now upon learning I enjoy Comrags?


Good Indie Video of the Week

Is Solange considered indie? She put up the cash for her latest EP herself, so I’d call that indie. Anyway, I’m still on the Solange train. This song is my new favourite, Some Things Never Seem to F**king Work. Perhaps this should be the name of Thyme Maternity’s 2013 Social Media Strategy.

YouTube Preview Image


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  1. kristaspurr says:

    I’m taking this as my first official assignment as your alcohol surrogate – props to you for raging against the machine of Thyme Maternity!

  2. Ben says:

    Mac ‘n Cheese Friday is definitely much more amazing than Body Shots Friday.

  3. allygarbs says:

    I think I may have to agree with you, Ben.

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