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Ally: I’ve decided March is going to be an asshole. This is purely based on my experiences this week. Since I’m honestly running out of energy on this Thursday evening and would like to go curl up with my novel before shoving ear plugs in my ears and falling asleep, I thought I’d completely rip off Buzzfeed and take you through my week with the help of GIFs. I’d do an interpretive dance, but my feet are swollen.

On Monday I looked at my calendar for the week.


and realized that it was going to bring a lot of suck.


But then I read that Lindsay Lohan had rejected Charlie Sheen’s offer to be her mentor and life seemed doable again!


Excited…until I walked by a full-length mirror and saw the full effect of “pregnant in leggings-as-pants”.


The week pretty much dragged on like a sad Adele song.


Until I read about a certain Halifax Councillor blocking people on Twitter for being “negative” cause apparently he only represents unicorns, Oreo cookies and people like Emmy Rossum.


And decided to turn my cranky into passive aggression, which is healthier for everyone involved (and also resulted in me getting in a heated Facebook discussion where I defended Macklemore…I know…but it felt good).


So, that’s it for me…basically. Oh, wait. A video. I can come up with that!

YouTube Preview Image

Because P!nk makes everything better.

L-A: So Ally emails me and is all, you want to see what phoning it in looks like? Apparently it looks like amazing, because that’s pretty much what this is. Bitch. I don’t even know how to follow that up. Except to say that right now, I feel like Ally’s idea of phoning it in today looks a little like this:



Like a frigging suave-esque Channing Tatum on a cell phone, that’s how.

And if I were to use an animated gif to describe my feelings about Ally at this moment:



That’s right. Nemesisish, but still my Amy Poehler.

(Also this week: this tumblr I made about Nova Scotia and TV shows got me a spot on a morning news show. Sometimes life is weird).

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  1. Danielle says:

    The Courtney Cox/Bruce Springsteen gif just made my morning.

  2. Sam says:

    That Nova Scotia tumblr is great! Would you mind if I took that idea and made a similar blog about mentions of New Zealand? It’s so exciting when they mention us in movies and TV shows, but they get so much shit wrong…

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