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Ally: If you needed a reminder that you’re old, here’s one: Eminem’s daughter was named Homecoming Queen for her Michigan high school. Apparently it made the local news:


I actually find it fairly impressive that Eminem was able to raise his daughters out of the spotlight in Michigan. So there’s your mundane gossip for Sunday afternoon.

And, if you’re wondering, I actually learned this news because I follow Eminem’s brother on Twitter.


Shut up, you follow Vanilla Ice.

Here’s Haillie back in the day…

YouTube Preview Image

Editors Note: Because I’m the Sleuth of the Internets, I found out what Hailie was wearing to Homecoming Court by checking out the hashtag #HailieScott on Instagram. Don’t ever quit me, creepy stalker teenagers (which…I guess includes me now?). Anyways. Well played, Hailie. This fashion blog approves.