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Ally: If you read this blog you’ll know that I’m a fan of Fefe Dobson’s music (ok, full disclosure, I’m a bigger fan of her fiance Yelawolf, but I think Fefe might be our best Canadian pop vocalist. Sunday Love was digitally released last year, grab it, it’s a life changer).

This is why I was so disappointed to see that the video for Legacy (an incredible song) was basically a low budget remake of the movie Girl Interrupted, mocking those seeking treatment for mental illness. The sad thing is, the whole “inspired by legends” concept was fantastic. No idea why Fefe had to set it in a rehabilitation centre further cementing an already huge stigma faced by those suffering from mental illness.

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The part at the end where the patients are all bobbing their heads uncontrollably with zombie eyes is particularly grating. Seriously, this is bullshit coming from an artist who was on the “Artists Against Bullying” remake of True Colours this past spring.

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The True Colours song was inspired in part by the increase in teen suicides as a result of bullying. Here’s the thing though, research shows us that suicide is not as directly linked to bullying as it is to an underlying mental illness.

I don’t think this video would have irritated me so much if she hadn’t been part of the True Colours remake. You can argue that you’re an artist and are entitled to free expression, which is completely true…however when you make a decision to take part in a partnership with other artists to put an end to bullying, you’re asking for your future work to be analyzed under that lens. This means that questions will naturally arise as to whether you took part in Artists Against Bullying as a publicity ploy and not an actual desire to make a change.

Fefe is an incredible creative talent, which is why, as a fan, this disturbed me so much.

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  1. someone says:

    “mocking those seeking mental illness”, not sure how someone would willingly seek mental illness?

    • la says:

      Typo. I think Ally was caught up in the moment and meant to say “seeking treatment for mental illness”. We’ll correct it.

    • allygarbs says:

      Thanks “someone”. L-A was right, I meant “seeking treatment for mental illness”. Glad that’s the one thing you took from the post.

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