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L-A: I’m not sure what happened, but on my most recent visit to California, I bought only two pairs of shoes. It’s like I’ve suffered blunt force trauma before shopping. Or was a practical grown up who remembered she hasn’t properly unpacked the other 40 pairs she owns after last year’s move. I used to come back with at least five pairs. The pair I did buy are adorable enough to resurrect Monday Shoe Porn.


Meet my outrageously cute Kate Spade Keds that I picked up on sale on Friday. Pretty much the perfect sunny day spring shoe. Which makes sense. I did buy them on the perfect date.

YouTube Preview Image

They are the April 25th of kicks. Perfect for days when you need a light jacket and want to go sock free (anyone else pumped to be free of socks?). I had originally picked up a pair of Taylor Swift for Keds that had striped ribbon laces, but thought these were even cuter (and I remembered that I’m not a 15 year old girl).

*(Please ignore my fat ankles in the photo – I’m not sure if that was the angle of the picture or because I took the picture after getting only an hour’s sleep on my overnight flight from LAX thanks to the lady in front of me who puked in her sleep after starting the flight with rye and soda. But that’s a story for a different blog).

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