Fashionable People, Questionable Things - Part 3

Ally: I’ve missed this blog so much, but life got really real this year, and writing for fun had to take a backseat for a while.

That said, I’m really excited that we are broadening our horizons for this site beyond just fashion. As much as we love fashion (and we really do!), as we move into the wrong side of 35, our interests have expanded and I think we have more to offer. I think we’re also learning more about ourselves, our passions and what drives us each day.

Without going into personal details (friend me on Facebook for that!), our family had a bit of a plot twist this year that set us in a new direction. It’s an exciting new path, with lots of opportunities, but it took me a while to see it that way. This new path also comes with greater responsibility and a bit more stress – which, combined with regular life stuff and a busy workload – I’d like to manage better.

Which is why discovering running has been a really great thing for me.

This is currently the image on my desktop.

This is currently the image on my desktop.

I always enjoyed getting out for an hour “power walk” each day (I just said “power walk”!), but one day recently, I just started running. And it was ok. In fact, it was this weird breakthrough where I ran and when I stopped there were tears streaming down my face. I just felt like maybe this is what I needed. This could be my little escape. The piece of the day that I carve out just for me, where I’m alone and I can block out everything with some exquisite shitty music.

Speaking of.

It’s so deliciously awful!

I also got some great advice on making sure to have my sneakers fitted for me. I saw Barry at the Running Room in Bedford and he hooked me up with these fine kicks.


I’ve even entered my first race on October 4th! Terrifying!

So there you have it. My first completely inspirational lifestyle post. Not GOOP, but super close.

L-A: When it comes to getting my nails did, I’m the laziest. I used to be pretty good at maintaining my polish during the work week, but now that I’m working from home, I’m pretty sure more than one cashier at the grocery story has judged me for leaving the house with severely chipped polish. I also leave doing my polish to the last minute – like in the cab on the way to get my train to work or in the car on the way to brunch. I also frequently do my nails before bed, which leaves me with an interesting “textured” look from my sheets. Like I said, I’m the laziest (and too cheap to go get them did).

I’m trying a little harder (because I do leave the house more often), but I’m still pretty lazy/laissez-faire about it all. Which is why it’s taken me over a month to review the summeriest of summer polishes: OPI Neons.


Highlight Reel Review:

Polish Verdict: Like it an awful lot. I still wear the purple on the regular.

Finish: Matte. I totally need a top-coat

Number of Coats: 3 to get the look I like.

Where to get it: We got it from Obsessed Look

(*full disclosure: free for review and I totally got it before Ally could reply. I’d buy it though). 

French Figure Skating Judge Score: 8 (bribes not required)

Full Review: 

As someone who celebrated her pre-teen and early teen years around 1989-1991, neon is both nostalgic summer staple and something I’m terrified of (because just think about what you wore back then and try not to shudder. But let’s take a moment to pour one on the ground for Bop). However, I totally dug these adorable mini-bottles of neons, especially the purple, pink and coral.


I personally have issues with green and yellow polishes. I like the idea of them and I like them on other people, but I can rarely wear them. I always feel like my nails are turning green and going to fall off. Especially pedicures. Not that this has ever been a problem in my life (knock on wood), it’s just an irrational thing I have about green and yellow polishes. So I really didn’t give them a proper go (although 1989 me is really disappointed that I didn’t pair that green and pink together. 1989 L-A loved that colour combo).

The purple quickly became a lazy manicure staple. It needed about three coats to get to the thickness that I like for my polish (I tend to go for big, bold nail colours like I’m a teen girl on PLL).

FPQT_OPI_Neon-with and without topcoat

Yep. I sucked at applying that polish. This happens 99% of the time when I paint my nails. A q-tip with nail polish remover would just be one step too many.


Of note, the polish dries with a matte finish. I think you can see this on the middle finger in the above photo. If matte finish is your jam, then polish and go forth! I didn’t dig it, so I went for top-coat. I like the shine. I also like that top-coat gives me extra days between manicures.

I did attempt nail art. Which was basically a giant fail.


Pro-tip: if you barely have the patience to do a straight up polish, then you should skip the nail art. This did not stop me from leaving it like that for the week. I liked the colours together, but am not meant for nail art.


The coral was a rad colour for a pedicure and looked nice with my bright green flops (which leads me to believe if I had the patience for nail art, I could do green and coral together). (Also, be prepared for a photo of my feet. Don’t scroll down if you don’t like pictures of feet).


If I’m not completely lazy this summer/fall, I might try doing more reviews. But since this is my usual look, we’ll see:


Two weeks later, mostly going strong with a few touch ups. #thelaziest

L-A: You guys, if one of you knew about Boden and hasn’t told me about it, well then we need to talk. Because I literally need this top:



It’s a striped top with a collar that sparkles. I don’t know what pounds mean in Canadian, but I know I need to come up with 39 of them. Probably more considering I could easily imagine myself wearing 90% of what’s on that site. If a guy can start a kickstarter for potato salad, I can have one for striped shirts – right? (My husband doesn’t seem to understand. He laughed at the use of the word “need”, but let’s be real. I need it).

The other thing I’m loving this week is this jam:


The song reminds me of being 22 and the amazing summer that it was for teen movies at the Acadia cinema and getting drunk and going to the Axe. Good times. And I just love Tokyo Police Club these days, so this is a big ball of summer awesome for me. (I am bummed to see that TPC will be at Pop Explosion while I’ll be chilling in the KDubs).

I’m also really on board with the fact that I bought one of these bags that everyone has basically had for the past five years.



There are bags I might want more in life (hi Marc Jacobs!), but I got tired of looking like a hobo on all my work trips as I try to carry purse stuff plus my laptop. Carrying 2-3 bags on the train or plane is just too much. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll never see my lip gloss and pens again.

Okay, let’s long wknd everyone!

Fashionable People, Questionable Things.