For real, this past month sucked a bag of unmentionables.

If you need me I will be wearing headbands.


My hair is growing out and hopefully fast enough that I can return to the land of moms-with-ponytails-in-the-suburbs by July. I’m done reliving my youth or pretending that I am anywhere close to resembling Robin Wright’s short hair cool.

See also side braids…


T.I. and Kristen Bell: I can’t believe L-A is missing this.

Are you watching House of Lies? Please tell me you are watching House of Lies.



I have a crush on T.I., my husband wants to run away with Kristen Bell, so it’s fun for the whole family.

YouTube Preview Image

I also love The Family Hustle.

Paper Dresses? Why didn’t I think of this before.

Have you read about the adorable four year old girl who makes paper dresses with her mom? That is some pinterest crafting that I can get down with.


The Most Beautiful Cover that Brings All the Feelings of the Week.

Admittedly I’ve been having a lot of the feelings over a lot of things these days and songs like this are hitting me harder than usual. You know that “Say Something” song? I have to pull over and cry whenever it is on the radio. Shit is getting real up in here.

This cover is beautiful. Maybe not in a “WOOT TGIF” way, but still…enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image

L-A: End of February, what up!? I love you, non-leap year, because I honestly don’t think I could handle another flipping day of this month. So let’s raise a box to the end of this month:


Here’s the favourites:

1. Binge Watching Netflix.

I bet you’re expecting me to go all House of Cards on you and talk about Robin White’s mad steez (how was she ever Princess Buttercup? Bitch can act). But nope. Not what you think. I am binge watching the last thing you’d expect (short of hitting up the extensive selection of Korean teen comedies).


You guys, it is so bad it’s good. They are Australian teens with feelings and ballet shoes and sometimes solve problems with dance offs (and yes. She does have to decide between those two boys all while convincing everyone she can dance pointe). They also solve problems in 20 minutes. So when you binge watch for two hours, you’ve probably watched five episodes. Fashion wise, I can’t decide if they’re low budget or going for realism, because they’ve been wearing some of the same clothes for almost two season.

2. Oscars! 

This Sunday! We’ll be on the Twitter. If y’all want, we can also set up the live chat again. Because who cares who wins or loses (okay, maybe film fans do) when there are dresses to talk about.

All the Oscar Dresses

All of the dresses are in one glorious infographic.

That’s basically it for me this week. I 100% need to get out of the house more. This winter has been hard. I emailed Ally to say that I feel like that Little House book where there was so much snow that everyone almost died from starvation and cabin fever and Pa and Almonzo had to go dig out the train to save everyone. Also, Almonzo really stepped up his game in being the romantic lead – he saved school children from a blizzard and let every one eat his oats. These are things that make ten  year old girls swoon.


WTF Pop Culture News of the Week

I decided to stop being a hypocritical feminist and kick pretend boyfriend Eminem to the pretend curb. He’s pretend sad.


In all seriousness, we have a very real “WTF”  to add this week. Apparently the group Odd Future, who were set to perform in New Zealand with Eminem, have been banned from entering the country.

This is Odd Future:


The official word stated, “Odd Future has been deemed to be a potential threat to public order and the public interest for several reasons, including incidents at past performances in which they have incited violence.” Oh. Ok. What about the white guy? The one with the very same violent and misogynist lyrics? Is he allowed in? Yes?


In response, Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg pushed out an eye-rolling tweet.

Excellent! Never shall the government suppress artists who promote rape in their lyrics! I wonder why Paul and Eminem aren’t taking, you know, an actual stance and boycotting the event to protest what anyone with two eyeballs could conclude to be a racist decision.


The revolution will apparently begin and end on Twitter for Shady Records.


L-A: Weird fact – I love the number 7. Followed closely by the number 11. The rhyming helps, but there’s something about 7 that’s just so loveable. Like, I embrace the idea of 7. Which means absolutely nothing, but I had to share because it’s the 7th so I’m embracing it.

1. LC for life y’all

I kind of hate Upworthy, which probably makes me a bad person who doesn’t believe in sparkles, puppies and the goodness of the human race. However, credit where credit is due: I love that they brought me this.




It’s a dumbass question and I’m not here to argue LC as Feminst Hero, but a round of golf claps to her for coming up with that one on the spot. (I’m so glad I’ll click on any Facebook link that says, “you’ll never believe in what Lauren Conrad had to say about…”

2. Connie Britton is basically made of magic

There is a lot of Nashville happening for me right now. Not real Nashville. The TV show. I started watching season two and I was okay skipping season one, but then Netflix added it. Now my days feel a split between “Not Watching Nashville” and “Finally Watching Nashville.” And a lot of it’s about Connie Britton and her hair.



Yes, Tami Taylor, I am jealous. It’s made of rainbows and sparkles and kittens and angel’s tears. And my hard water hair weeps in your presence and your dramatic country music stylings. I promise my husband I won’t start listening to country and I promise myself that tight pants and sequins and cowboy boots won’t start seeming like a good idea.

3. Old Navy, I am picking up what you are putting down. 

I made a resolution to buy less stripes, I swear that I did. But I strolled into Old Navy because I needed a cheap pair of skinny jeans and BAM.

old navy gets stripes

Sigh. It’s my kryptonite, y’all. And while I don’t want to buy a full Old Navy striped wardrobe, I’m probably going to buy at least five other things. It’s going to happen.

4. Seth Cohen on New Girl

It’s on my DVR. Don’t spoil it if it’s bad. I don’t think my heart can handle it if it’s not a wonderful TV moment. And if it is wonderful, I think my heart might explode with joy.

5. The Snow = Not a Favourite. 

Sweet jesus. The snow. I’m told this is a snow belt. I’m also told that it’s abnormal. Some people say, “this must remind you of back east!” To which I scoff, “it’s not home until I see a brown muddy lawn two days after a blizzard.” (To be fair, I do remember a time when there was this much snow in my life. Learning to drive in winter is awesome when there are snow banks as buffers to keep you from slipping off the road. I’ve hit my fair share and I apologize to the ghost of my KCar).

Whatever’s happening, I’m booking my plane ticket to California this week. April vacation cannot come soon enough.

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You know what, while we’re watching the OC theme, let’s watch that time that Marissa shot Trey.

YouTube Preview Image

God. Remember when the OC was amazing?