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ALLYG: Ok, first off, I have completely dropped the ball while L-A has been away. I had a good two day run there where I posted on my own. I’m late posting today because I am deeply upset that Allison got the boot on American Idol last night. I couldn’t write through the tears streaming down my face. I mean, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, AMERICA? You picked CHRIS over ALLISON? Whatever. Also, did any of you catch Paula Abdul’s performance? True she lipsynched but girl was flipped about in the air like a rag doll and made it look good. Paula knows what’s up.

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Anyway, I apologize to the faithful readers for being such a negligent blog writer. I promise the updates will get back on track tomorrow. It’s not like I was off sunning myself or anything. Trust.

So, to make up for my absence, I have tracked down another one of my top fave outfits of all time:

Say what you will about Ms. Moss’ partying habits, but you will not speak ill of Kate’s style. Is it bordering on inappropriate? Yes. Would I ever even think of wearing it? No.

But it’s hands down one of the most effortlessly cool outfits I have seen in my lifetime. And that’s like, 30 years of solidly judging others.

L-A: Unlike Ally, I have been off sunning myself. I’m a lovely shade of pink. I have nothing to say about American Idol, it’s not my thing. But I am skeptical about Kate’s outfit there. Her “wellies” are all muddy, yet she is dressed in something expensive and carrying a coffee. What sort of outfit is this? What sort of occasion calls for this outfit?¬† Regardless, Kate makes it look A-Ok to be dressed like this.

Anyway, I hope to be blogging a bit next week. Maybe report on my trip to Marc Jacobs. Oh yes. You read that right. I’m dropping the husband off at LAX and then headed straight to Melrose. I can’t really afford much by Marc, but I can afford some of his special items and I intend to find one or two of those gems (fingers crossed, knock on wood, et cetera).

xoxo from sunny and hot Palm Springs!

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0 Responses to Forgive me?

  1. Ivy says:

    Here’s some math to sum up my comments:

    Booted Allison > Chris = travesty
    Paula + ragdoll + bad dancing = prescription drugs
    Kate Moss + shorts = panties in disguise

  2. allygarbs says:

    I think that might be the best comment ever, Ivy.

  3. Tamara says:

    Ok, Kate Moss’ legs are totally grossing me out.

  4. Jules says:

    she is basically wearing a vest and wool panties, however, that unfortunately looking child and father (?) combination behind her are wearing flannel shirts and winter coats. Is the coffee keeping her warm?

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