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AllyG: Oh, Natalie Portman, you can do no wrong in my eyes. For my fave outfit of the week I bring you Natalie at the Brothers Premiere…behold


The dress is Jason Wu. Not sure about the shoes, but I love the pairing. Yes, this is a mini-dress, but Natalie has the youth and the legs to pull it off.

For the Friday Fail (yes, I’m just making these categories up as I go. L-A loves when I do that), I present you with Katherine Heigl, who drives me completely bonkers.


First off. The hair. What the eff with the hair? I hate when people curl their bobs. You CANNOT CURL YOUR BOB. Trust. I’ve tried it and it looks ridic. Secondly, is that velvet? L-A, is that VELVET? I know it’s “in” this season, but it makes me gag and reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when George drapes himself in the fabric. Fail.

And, crappy pop video of the week! Let’s give it to Usher’s Love in this Club…

YouTube Preview Image

Love that jam.

L-A: That video is beyond crappy and moved into downright ridiculous. I was too overcome by embarrassment cringes to watch the opening to the video and had to skip ahead to the music.  Then there was the lyric sung by, I’m assuming, Young Jeezy: “I’m gonna bag you like some groceries”. What? Seriously? That’s supposed to be bad ass sexy talk. It’s at 3:45 in the video. Some random lyric site confirms that the lyric is: “It’s goin down in aisle 3/I’ll bag you like some groceries.” Note to rappers everywhere: it is never sexy to compare a girl or your sexytime with her to groceries. Ever.

Here’s my favourite of the week: Tom Ford + Martha Stewart!

YouTube Preview Image

Seriously people. I love fashion. I love craftiness. Put them together like that and my head might explode. It’s a good thing I have to work when Martha is on, because I might have blown a happy fuse and died over something like that. That is, if Glee didn’t blow my mind first. Holy crap. Rachel singing “Don’t Rain on my Parade” made my week.

My other favourite, and I can’t share pictures without violating copyright ten ways ’til Sunday (and generally feeling like a heel for stealing someone’s art), are paper dolls of the SS’10 collections from Toronto Fashion Week.

source (with permission! yay!)

They are fantastic and I might have to ask Santa for the set. Because who doesn’t want high fashion paper dolls in their stocking? Since Ally had to cancel our muffin date tomorrow, I might just take a few minutes to try to play along in the photoshop contest that the illustrator, Danielle Meder, is having. I could win me a book! Or just play dress up with cute paper Katrina Tuttle dresses (a paper doll of a local designer’s work? Awesome).

Enjoy your weekend and try to forget that you ever heard Young Jeezy try to talk sexy and groceries at the same time. Go to your happy place and thing about how pretty Natalie Portman’s shoes are.

4 Responses to Favourite Friday – December 11 Edition: Natalie Portman, Tom Ford, and Paper Dolls

  1. Danielle says:

    Thanks so much for the shoutout – and you have my permission to use a paper doll image or two on your site ;)

    p.s. The Katrina Tuttle doll is one of the three I offer in the free pdf:

    • L-A says:

      Awesome! They are so lovely. I didn’t have time to email you for permission for today’s post, so I played it safe and just gave links.

  2. jo says:

    Love Natalie Portman, LOVE “Friday Fail”, and love-love-LOVE the paper dolls. What a great Friday…

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