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AllyG: Dudes, this is tougher than I thought. I attempted to recreate the argyle thigh high look. I really did.

I made it as far as the car. Could. Not. Do. It.

New inspiration:


Fine. It’s more SJP than Carrie, but I think I did ok.

Husband’s shirt

Grandmother’s belt

Leggings from Winners

Gold shoes from Aldo

Bangle from Frenchy’s (Digby specials!)

(I’d like to clarify that the beer in the photo is not mine. PLEASE I am ON ASSIGNMENT. Jeff needed this to get through another photo shoot).

I’m wearing this number on an evening out tonight, so I will indeed be in public. L-A, if you say this is weak, I’d like to highlight that I am wearing NO PANTS.

P.S. I’m not throwing out the peace sign. I’m holding up two fingers…for Day Two of the challenge! Aren’t I adorable? Sigh.

L-A: I’m feeling a little bit vindicated. Sure everyone thinks that outfit is fabulous fantastic, but NOT IN REAL LIFE.  In real life, you can’t even make it to your car without feeling like an idiot.  Please give me a moment while I feel smug….

Okay, thanks for that. Now, on to the scoring. As of yesterday, Ally was +1 in my completely arbitrary scoring system (I am the French figure skating judge of blog thow-downs):

Man’s shirt with belt over leggings: +2

Gold heels for no reason other than you can: +1

Outfit inspired by SJP’s visit to Project Runway rather than actual Carrie outfit: -1

Wimping out on the argyle socks and mini skirt: -2

Today’s Score: 0

Total Score: +1

Bonus points to El Jeffe for being our photographer and living with this challenge. When this is all over, I will buy him a beer.

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  1. I really really want to see a pic of you with the argyle thigh highs! Perhaps when your mission is complete you will post some photos that didn’t make the cut? Bravo on the red belt. Love, A

  2. Krista says:

    Leggings are not pants!

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