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L-A: Since the Search Term of the Day is “men in rolled up jeans” I decided to figure out what people think of it. I’m not sure who is searching for it or if they are in favour of it, but when they find us, they can judge based on what the reader thinks (so far, twitter folks are mostly voting against the rolling of the jean on dudes. I won’t tell you what I think). Here are some examples:

I can’t remember where we found this picture. It’s from June of last year.

There is also this dude’s take on the rolled up jeans:

So, what say you:

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  1. El Jeffe says:

    I’m fine with rolls but they have to ride snug on the shoe (on a man) Details style page nails it.

    • L-A says:

      I can sometimes deal with the roll – if done right. However, I don’t encourage it as it is too easy (and so often) done completely wrong.

  2. Nick says:

    Nay, nay, nay!

    I have a real hate on for rolled up pants on us guys. Unless you’re vacationing at a beach or volunteering for flood relief duty, keep the cuffs rolled down!

    • L-A says:

      I like rolled up jeans in a well-styled fashion shoot or movie. Which means I only like them in theory, because I have yet to see it in real life and think, “nice rolled up jeans, dude!”

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