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L-A and I are arguing on Twitter about Jessica Biel’s dress for the MTV Awards. I love it so much it hurts. L-A says, and I quote here, “WHAT THE HELL IS JESSICA BIEL WEARING?!!?”



L-A: I need to add a disclaimer: I did not use all caps to ask the question. I often do, but not this time. The quote however is spot on. I dislike this outfit. But here’s another poll on the style at the MTV movie awards (thanks to the good folks at Flare for providing us with this afternoon debate. It makes my subscription totally worthwhile):


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5 Responses to While I dislike J-Biel’s Everything. I do heart me her dress. Grammar for the win!

  1. Julie H. says:

    Barbie wants her dress back…

  2. Eden says:

    I like it! Cute colours, nices lines (‘lines’? Who do I think I am?) But it’s not a dress, it’s too casual for an awards show, and it’s not THAT great.

    • L-A says:

      It is the MTV awards, so more of a fun cocktail dress affair (as opposed to full on gownage). But I still don’t care for it. It’s like sunday school from the waist up and ostrich pelt from the waist down.

      • Eden says:

        It’s not even a cocktail dress, it’s a skirt and a blouse. I wore a skirt and a blouse fishing this morning. Old Chinese men took pictures of me, sure, but it was no awards show.

        • L-A says:

          Fair. I wouldn’t like it either way, I just thought I should point out that it’s not a fancy pants awards show. Having pointed that out, I still don’t like what she wore. I need a like and a dislike button for all things in life.

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