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L-A: Just because prom has been over for a few days, doesn’t mean you have to live without it.  There are still a few more promservations leftover from our week in the Public Gardens.

I forgot a few stats in Monday’s post:

Number of Prom Emergencies: 1 (Tuesday)

Gossip Girl inspired styles: Blake Lively-esque grecian, one shouldered dresses (5/night); pre-nasty extensions, Courtney Love whore Jenny Humphrey (which means totally cute, short dresses: 3/night); Chuck Bass bow tie (1).

I think we’ll continue on with the “awards” format from yesterday, just because it easy and it stops me from being too snarky. I don’t want to snark on what teenagers wear. Being a teenager is supposed to be a time when you where whatever and you probably regret it when your 30, but that’s okay. I mean, look at the 1980s. I bet there are a lot of teenagers who regret those outfits.

The dress we sincerely hope is taped into place, or else there will be a wardrobe malfunction award:

We were really worried we might see a boob or two pop out of the side of that dress.  She must have had some tape involved, since we didn’t see anything.

Intern Krista’s favourite use of colour:

Next up is the “Dress we were most surprised that we liked” (pale pink/peach number that had some kind of shimmery dots on it…seen on Tuesday and on Saturday) and the other dress is one of the many dresses that are being awarded the “Style that doesn’t really work for us because it makes us think of drapes or fancy bedding“:

It’s not just her dress. Her dress is just the photographic evidence of the drapery style skirts we saw all week long.

The ill-advised ruffles award:

Now for a couple of favourites:

That one was just classiness. I think we liked it because it was something we’d totally wear to a cocktail party, but at the same time, didn’t look too grown up for a teenager to wear. She wore flat sandals, a great cocktail dress, a clutch that coordinated but wasn’t matchy matchy and her hair was in loose braids wrapped around her head. I think we may have actually done golf claps.

Krista’s second favourite:

I know, our pictures kind of suck. We were using workberry phones so that we didn’t feel so creepy. Although, maybe that is creepier than using a real camera. I’ll let Intern Krista add some commentary for her second favourite dress.

And as I’ve been hinting at lately, we’ve been planning a prom themed project called The Prom Committee.  It’s early days and the website needs work, but the gist is that we are going to make proms happen. I mean, we really love proms, so why not spread that love around?  We want to do more than just collect dresses. We want to find girls for those dresses and we want to help those girls get shoes and accessories. We want to help with hair and makeup. Help with the cost of prom tickets.  Proms are really frigging expensive and we want to make sure that money doesn’t stop a girl from getting to her prom. Our goal is to get five girls completely ready for Prom 2011.  Keep an eye on the website for more information as the Committee works out all the details (details such as, how you can help out).

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4 Responses to Promservations 2010: Part 2 – and introducing the Prom Committee!

  1. Intern Krista says:

    My 2nd favourite dress was just a 100% terrific colour for her skin tone. One-shoulder, fitted, and the perfect length. She also didn’t have to futz with it, which earned her major cool points.

  2. Jill says:

    I saw that turquoisey-blue dress on Spring Garden Road that night! I also hoped it was taped into place.

  3. AidoElMomma says:

    Hey girls,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and love the humour, fashion, oh and the humour!! I am an ex-pat Haligonian currently living in Ottawa and saw your blog linked on a friends blog and voila here I am! I am really impressed with your idea of the prom committee and wanted to give you some info about a very similar organization that is operating here in Ottawa. It is called Fairy God-Mother Ottawa and while I couldn’t find an actual web page for them, I have pasted their Facebook page below:
    This may give you some info about how other charities like yours are already operating, although it does look like you are well on your way. Best of luck!!

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