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Ally: Blame it on the Canada Day G&Ts, I almost forgot to add the crappy pop video of the week. Now, I’m not sure how L-A feels about Eminem. I think I have a pretty good clue. I asked about how people felt about him on Twitter this week. One response I found interesting was that while the respondant compared Em to Wes Craven, he appreciated the fact that dude has some pretty effed up demons, and respected his ability to release them in the form of music without caring what people think. I’m liking that analysis. Sure, I like Miley Cyrus (I do, this is fact-telling), but you can’t sing about sunshine and lollipops all day long. Crazy crap exists.

Anyways, the real reason I am sharing this video is because I haved shoved my crush on  Billy Bush aside for Eminem. Not sure if this is better or worse. Lainey agrees with me on this.

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Fashionable People, Questionable Things.