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Ally: So if you  haven’t gathered, one of my favourite past times is shopping at Frenchys, particularly the Digby Frenchys. Ok, it’s the only Frenchys I visit. My parents live close by, so when we spend time with them there, Frenchys is a must on our list of priorities. Yes, I’ve even gotten El Jeffe into the Frenchys love.

This time, during my vacation, El Jeffe gave me a list of things he was looking for and graciously stayed home with Baby while I embarked on a thrifting adventure with friend, reader and fellow cottager, Jane and my brother Jamie. This will be a two parter, as I have more photos of my purchases on my camera. These shots come from Jane.

First off, let me show you the view from Frenchys. I know, right? Crazy. It never fails to amuse me. They placed a retail store in one of the most picturesque places in Digby proper.

This photo warms my heart. Jane sums it up nicely, “the legend that is Guy’s Frenchys”

When you walk into Frenchys, you pick up a fabulous orange plastic basket to collect your goods. Note my well worn TOMS in the above photo. They are officially busted after two months of summer. I have worn them every, single day.

This might be hands down the best find of the day. Jane’s short-tee Hawaiian shirt. So cute.

There are good-friend-rules when shopping at Frenchys. If you spot something that you love, but it doesn’t fit you because you are perhaps more well-endowed than your less busty friend, you pass on your good find. I’ve always been jealous of Jane’s ability to curve up a top.

And I purchased.

I wasn’t quite sure what this was, but because it said Guess, I was intrigued. Turns out it is an adorable scarf/poncho that I plan to pair with a white tank and jeans. Also, don’t bitch about my hair and lack of makeup I was just at the pool. That’s water, not grease, although if you caught me a couple of days later, it likely would have been grease (Dudes, the bugs are crazy bad down there. The less you shower, the later you can sit on the deck at night).

Even though L-A makes fun of my music tastings. I still found it in my heart to look out for her during my shopping excursion. I found these gorgeous snake skin Rampage shoes in size 11. I recalled she was a size 10 so back in the bin they went. The thought was there.

Luckily, Jane found this lovely nautical inspired, Coco a la Chanel looking oversize top that L-A could rock over a tank in the fall/winter. J.Crew babies, J.Crew.

While we like to keep up with the trends, we decided to pass on the denim, snakeskin, fur all-at-once jacket.

I almost bought this shirt for L-A just because the label was “Tramp“. She would have felt very special. Her husband would have spat in my box of wine.

I also got this cute Calvin Klein black pinstripe dress shirt. French cuffs! (I’m wearing one of the Walmart dresses that Jeff despises).

Later this week, I’ll show you some of my best buys. Buys that include another Ann Taylor wool skirt (this time a cute mini…that I accidently put in the wash even though it said Dry Clean Only…oopsie! Don’t do laundry after you’ve had a wee splash of wine, kids!), Calvin Klein white pants, and a black Bebe tank with silk straps. I also got a beautiful, wool, Larry Levine winter coat. There were a few of them there, actually, so if any of you are looking for a lovely, classic wool overcoat hit me up in the comment section. I’ll check for your size next time I am there.

Mine looks something like this:


L-A: I am so excited for that top. My collection of nautical stripey tops is a collection that always needs adding to.  And I may also be in the market for a new winter coat, so I think I’ll be bring my measurements with me to pass on to Ally when we celebrate the Big Day Downtown on Tuesday.  We’re excited to meet some of the other Halifax bloggers and put faces to websites.

I don’t have much to add today. I think I’m still recovering from roller skating the beejeezus out of downtown Halifax during the Pride Parade. So much fun. And done with minimal American Apparel (just the socks).  I did go into the store to see if I could find anything I could wear to the parade, but it’s just so expensive (I’ll say it: I think it’s often overpriced) and filled with really unflattering clothing. Those pants you see the anemic looking model wearing in bus stop ads?  If they don’t look good on the model or on the hanger, then who are they going to look good on? Anyway, that’s a rant for another day. Hooray for roller skating! I totally want to roller skate more. Any Halifax ladies interested in roller derby? If you are, we should talk.

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  1. Ange Friesen says:

    Ahh, yes. I passed many a blissful moment at Frenchys during my five weeks of middle-of-nowhere French camp (as I call it). There were… about five Frenchys within a 10 minute drive. So great. My best find: a NY Times Sudoku book or $2. I missed my English crossword puzzles so much, and math is the universal language, so it was allowed. Yess.

    …I wish there were no contact roller derby. Flag roller derby? Sigh.

    • L-A says:

      I think I’d be willing to give contact roller derby a go…if I could manage to learn to skate better and toughen up a little (I’d be a total wimp right now).

  2. amy says:

    Such good finds. When I go to Frenchy’s, EVERYTHING looks like the denim/leather/fur coat :(

    • L-A says:

      I’m with you. All I find is the horrible, out of date things that are only good for mocking. I am a horrible Frenchy’s shopper.

  3. Kim Carver says:

    I am a Frenchy’s addict. The surfing through bins is like therapy…when I find a treasure I feel like I am stealing because the deal is so unreal. What a great vacation…sunshine, pool, and Frenchy’s…life doesn’t get much better than that.

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