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Ally: Le sigh. L-A is out drinking with guest bloggers and I’m stuck working the night away. Alas, the blog provides a much needed break. If I can’t have wine, I shall whine. To minimize my misery, I took to The Internets to find fashion inspiration. My friends, I hit the jackpot. Behold!


If I ever wanted to be a streaker, the time is definitly now. I want. And you know what? I can afford. The jacket, my lushes, is from Old Navy (this according to the fab writers at The Budget Fashionista dot com). Could it be true? It could. Also, I wonder if Kiki is doing kettlebells. Those legs are to covet.

As for another favourite on this dreary Friday (ok, it’s Thursday night, but I looked at the forecast and it appears that it will be raining on Friday. Mimosas if I’m right!), is the look that Jennifer Carpenter rocks as Deb on Dexter.


It’s the casual shirt, rolled up sleeves, tucked into slim-fitting dress pants that I adore. Sadly, I’m having trouble finding more photos. Are you bitches watching Dexter? Hot Mary in a bread bacon you should be!


‘scuse the gun, we dont’ condone violence, but you get what I’m saying about her style. It’s awesomesauce.

And to wrap it up before I head back to the work zone. Here’s the crappy pop video of the week. Work it out. I pray that L-A is dancing to this song on a speaker at the dome somewhere. Maybe we’re staring at the exact same moon…maybe…

YouTube Preview Image

And I quote L-A’s pretend boyfriend Mark Ronson, “just looking at the iTunes chart. hats off to Usher & Pitbull for having the cojones to make a duet entitled “DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love”.

6 Responses to Favourite Friday: October 15 Edition – I want to look naked under my coat too

  1. Jill says:

    I almost bought that coat in blue the other day! I got an email from Old Navy and was instantly in love. Might still buy it.

  2. Kim says:

    Oh my god I love that coat, I can’t believe it’s from Old Navy! I’m so short I could totally get away with it as a dress – it would probably be below my knees lol. Also Dexter is one of my favourite shows and I also love Deb. I’m two eps behind though – ah! Need to catch up this weekend

  3. L-A says:

    I love you so much this week. Even your pop song isn’t terribly crappy (I just can’t deal with Usher’s choice of sunglasses). But I want that Hills starlet to put tights on. I think this makes me old.

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