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Ally: I won’t lie to you. Upon first sight, I thought this trend was bullshit. Putting a postive spin on the look Julia Roberts made so tramptastic in Pretty Woman.


After witnessing this trend in person, I admit that I was wrong. I know, I should have told you to sit down for that one. It’s so rare. So precious a moment. Yes, I was wrong.

I do love over-the-knee boots. I do.


Originally I wondered how one could possible pull this look off. I wonder no more.

(photo from Turbine’s Facebook Page, shot by David J. Crewe)

Lisa Drader-Murphy. Fashion designer. Real-life person. Wearing over-the-knee boots and not looking like an idiot. In fact, looking quite glam and fantastical. I’m sold.

So, where can you get such boots I ponder to myself (as I do quite frequently since I am self-employed). Aldo has some lovelies:

Source (cute blog btw)

I believe these OTK’s run for around $180.

Thoughts? Do any of our readers have such footwear? L-A, are you stabbing yourself in the eye?

L-A: I’m sorry, what did you say? I was too busy stabbing myself in the eye.

I will admit that Lisa makes those boots look good. Really good. I saw her wearing them in real life and thought they were great. But just because I like Lisa’s boots, does not mean I like this trend. It just means that I am slightly less likely to make the following noise when boot shopping with Ally: *cough*hookerwithaheartofgold*cough* (actually, I’d probably still say that and I’d say it without the coughs).

I’ll let you have this trend though. If only to stop you from making fun of me when I buy a pair of these bad boys:

they will be mine. oh yes. they will be mine.


I just spotted Sorel’s at John David Shoes the other day. This could mean trouble. And by trouble, I mean new boots for me. (actually, there is a buy one, get on 50% off sale…maybe we should talk about some spending some quality boot shopping time together).

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5 Responses to OTK: Sounds like a boy band, should be a boy band

  1. Tara says:

    I adore the over-the-knee boot look! Just need to save up some cash and they will be mine! Sexy but you can still pull them off at the office.

  2. Kristine says:

    No to the OTKs. Maybe for some people? Maybe on a runway? But on the street, outside in the light of day? No. But I won’t judge those that do, I promise.

    Those Sorels, however, now those are awesome. It’s nice to know somebody gets it! Can I point to this post when my friends make fun of me?

    • L-A says:

      Send them here and I will defend the Sorel! I like to call it Northern Exposure chic (not really…but only because I never use the word “chic” in sentences). Or, alternatively, practical and cute. I like fancy shoes, but I much prefer dry feet.

  3. Lisa says:

    Fun blogpost. Those boots, when worn on the street, look fab with the OTK folded down in a nod to Peter Pan. ;)

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