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L-A: if you’re wondering where today’s post is, well, this kind of happened:

Yeah, and this happened:


you can dress a pineapple up, but you can't take it out.

Actually, it was my end of semester Christmas party and spending all day yesterday running around submitting my final design assignment and general pre-party errands.  But the party did involve a lot of my favourite wine – which was on sale for $10.99.  So, that was a total favourite.  I’ve got others and I’ve got wishlists to share…but that will have to wait until after my meeting this morning. Or, you know, until Monday. At which point, I will be in California. You can go ahead and start hating me (even if the weather out that way does call for rain. My forecast calls for avocados and lots of guac).

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Fashionable People, Questionable Things.