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Ally: Hello merry friends! Are you merry? I am not yet merry, but in about 40 hrs (approximately, I can’t count good) I will be merry off my face with rum and eggnog. Mmmmm.

Today you are blessed with the gift that is my holiday wish list. I know you were all anxiously waiting for this special document so that you could press print and race off to the nearest mall to search for something that would please sweet Ally. I only hope I left you with enough time. Without further ado:

1. The Most Amazing Skirt Ever Made

The Robert Rodriguez ostrich feather skirt I wore in the Win What you Wish campaign photo. On an aside, congrats to reader Rhia who won $200 towards this delish necklace from FireWorks Gallery.

I wish to borrow that from Rhia at some point in the very near future.

2. The entire Lanvin for H&M 2010 collection

Seriously, I want all of it.

YouTube Preview Image

4. A Isabel Marant leather biker jacket for spring


Kate Moss. She might be off her rocker, but don’t tell me the bitch can’t model the shit out of a leather jacket.

4. Trip to Cabo with Kristin Cavallari

Speaking of wacky bitches, Kiki may just be one. I also think she goes to Cabo on a frequent basis where she lays around judging others and talking smack while sipping margaritas. Sign me up.

YouTube Preview Image

5. Jeans from The Gap


I know I should be shooting for the stars since this is my magical wish list and all, but I’m keeping it real. I want these affordable jeans from the Gap. And what of it?

6. More crap from Britney

Britney will be keeping the dream alive in 2011, releasing a brand new album. Can you handle it? I can’t handle it. Remember this?

YouTube Preview Image

I won’t lie, I spent serious time during my mat leave learning the dance steps to the office sequence in the video. Get me drunk enough for the blog’s 2nd birthday party and I’ll bust the routine out. Promise.

7. To wrap up, I wish for an amazing trip to Ethiopia for our friend Ben. He won the War Child Challenge! We’re super proud of him!


Blue Mini Check Blazer by Marc Jacobs


 I seem to recall there being a Marc Jacobs store in the California area. Hmmm, L-A? Shouldn’t cost too much.

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11 Responses to Ally’s Wish List

  1. Sarah says:

    I have those GAP jeans! I’ve tried on cheap jeans, expensive jeans, baggy jeans and tight jeans! These GAP jeans are the best!

  2. AntonWilde says:

    That leather jacket is like…ten sacks of happy. I love my biker jacket but the front seems to have stretched a little? Does that happen? Either way, I still look like a Rebel Without a Cause but Impeccable Table Manners.

    • allygarbs says:

      I basically want to be Kate Moss in that jacket. I might even let Pete Doherty hold my hand. Oh my GAWD BARF NO I WOULD NOT.

  3. Conny M says:

    Which Gap jeans are those? The link doesn’t work??

  4. Intern Krista says:

    I want those shoes in the Gap jeans picture. Like, right now.

  5. Krissy says:

    Holy co-incidence, I think the DIY Santa gods may be on your side this Christmas. Not quite the same as your beloved ostrich feather skirt (which is insane awesome and I’m totally coveting it as well), but this was in my feed reader this morning (which I stumbled upon about 10 minutes after reading this post)…

  6. Rhia says:

    Heartbreakingly, they have sold it.
    I guess I will have to go with my backup wish of a delightful holiday meal with my dad when he visits. MIX, here we come.

  7. Lauren says:

    I would also like a numerous amount of these things . Minus britt !

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