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Spot on.
Ally: Sarah Burton for McQueen to be exact. So glad that I love it. I woke at 2am terrified that she would bomb. She did not disapoint.
Thoughts? Did you approve?
A little bit Grace Kelly a little bit rock and roll.
The real winner though, if you ask me, is Pippa Middleton.


She almost stole the show. How much you wanna bet she was picturing herself walking down the aisle with Hot Harry in a few years?

Chelsy Davy? Hmmm…


Designed by Alberta Ferretti, I don’t know guys…I kind of hate it. It makes her look…let’s be frank…saggy. A bit. Non? Especially in comparison to Pippa’s dress that completely showcased her figure like a prize on the Price is Right.

L-A: I just want to give out mad props/mad hatter award to the Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice of York:

Ladies, you will never get anywhere near the throne, so you may as well have fun with your hats.  You, Beatrice, are particularly mad in your hatting.

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15 Responses to She wore McQueen

  1. Amy says:

    Pippa looked awesome! Peter made some stupid comment about Harry trying to nail her after the reception. I had to inform him that royalty don’t “NAIL” people. But…yeah.

    Chelsy, not so much. She usually looks much cuter than this!

  2. AntonWilde says:

    I loved the fascinator that looked like the Rod of Asclepius. Inspired choice.

    • L-A says:

      Beatrice looked like some kind of evil super villain, depending on how she turned her head. I love it/thought it was ridic.

  3. Erin G says:

    I like that the two sisters seem to not take themselves too seriously and have fun with it.

    • L-A says:

      Their hats are sometimes insane, but I love them for it. I’d totally have fun with hats if I had cash and a pile of hat appropriate events to go to. My favourite is when Beatrice wore what looked like a swarm of butterflies on her head.

  4. Julie says:

    I don’t know why all of these girls – Eugenie, Chelsy and Beatrice were wearing Mom-of-the-bride outfits?

  5. Erin G says:

    L-A — are you “Porcupineapple” on Curious . . . :)

  6. Ann says:

    I had to keep pausing and rewinding whenever Beatrice and Eugenie came on camera. CBC showed Elton John more than those two, which is a shame. They tied for my favourite guests along with the honourable toddler-aged bridesmaids, esp. the one who covered her ears on the balcony.

    And Kate looked SO GORGEOUS. Did you hear she (allegedly) had hip-padding on her dress, because she’s so thin? I think she’s got the same build as Pippa, who looked lovely in her pillar-esque gown.

    Oh, this wedding was so fun to watch!

  7. keenlypeachy says:

    I love Eugenie’s outfit, love it. A++, even if she and Beatrice do sort of look like the evil stepsisters from Ever After.

  8. Marah says:

    Chelsy Davy looked like a hot mess.

    • allygarbs says:

      HOT MESS, Marah. HOT MESS. I hope you watched with little F-kins. She came just in time for the Royal Wedding.

      • Marah says:

        Harry and Pippa forevah! (Even though he really needs a hair cut). We were up but since the tv room is “Daddy’s bedroom” for the near future we caught the highlight reel.

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