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Mel: So, the other day, while working very hard and also monitoring The Twitter, an interesting topic of conversation came up.

While vehemently trying to debate the benefits of bringing back the old lady rain hat, Mr. LA made fun of us for even considering something so hideous. To which I replied, “it’s a girl thing.”

It rains here, like 80% of the time. Sometimes you just don’t want to wear a rain coat, you know? I think if we all band together, we can make the rain hat a socially acceptable thing for the younger folk…


Please, GF is KILLING IT.

Which then kind of led to this post being written…..
Admittedly, I’m not the girliest of girls. I don’t really own anything pink, I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything frilly, or pouffy, adorned with bows and ribbons and hearts and other overly feminine crap. I like to think I’m relatively low maintenance. However. I am still a lady.

I will wear the most impractical of jackets in the rain because I don’t want to ruin my outfit. I will spend serious time straightening my hair, knowing that the second I step outside the humidity will turn it into a curly mess. I will wear the most impractical of high heels- I’m talking shit I can barely walk in- just because it looks good. I will change my shirt/pants/whatever 17 times before I leave the house if it doesn’t “feel” right (even if I wore the exact same outfit 2 days before). I refuse to even take out the trash without at least mascara on… I will do all of these charming qualities much to the bemusement of my male counterparts.

You know why? Because there are some things that dudes just don’t get. Ladies, I know you do all of these things and more. As we are all reasonably intelligent ladies, I know you know how ridiculous all that is when you really stop to think about it, but it just is.

So boys? Deal with it. Embrace it. You’re just never going to understand.

L-A: a p.s. to this – Ally doesn’t really understand either.

I know. what? It’s not like we’re asking to make fetch happen. I’m just tying to keep my hair looking cute on rainy days. It’s not like old ladies only started wearing them when they got old. I bet they wore them when they were our ages. So let’s at least consider the possibility of bringing back the rain bonnet.

Also, subject of the post has gotten this stuck in my head:

YouTube Preview Image

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19 Responses to Things dudes just don’t understand: rain hats

  1. justsues says:

    L-A you’re hilarious & the girl above is definitely rockin’ the rain hat.

  2. Eden says:

    I think you could rock the rain hat, L-A.

    I am amused to think that I might possibly be low maintenance because I totally leave the house without makeup sometimes. Also I just dropped my daughter off at preschool in gym shorts, a Ninja Turtles t-shirt, and bedhead.

    • L-A says:

      If the rain keeps up, I just might try the rain bonnet.

      Also, that’s low maintenance in my books, since I rarely go out without some kind of makeup on. I’m not high maintenance, but I’m definitely higher than low.

      And I totally love that preschool outfit. Two thumbs up to Little Ms Downstairs.

  3. Jill says:

    I’ve often wished the rain hat would become popular too! But I think I’ve somewhat mastered how to keep my hair straight and frizz-less – I have a sort of knit hat that’s really loose-fitting and doesn’t mess up my hair, and it protects it from the rain. Then I put my hood up. Not the most attractive look, but slightly cuter than a rain bonnet and I manage to make it from Point A to Point B with my hair in tact!

    • L-A says:

      That’s my M.O. on a rainy day. But sometimes I see those old ladies and wonder if it would be a better solution on rainy, windy days. And if it’s possible to wear said hat without looking old or like a hipster. I try to think of what I’d say if I saw someone like me get on the bus in a rain bonnet.

      • Jill says:

        I feel like I would mock me, if I saw me getting on a bus in a rain bonnet. And the hat definitely brings out the hipster side of me.

  4. Sarah M says:

    For some reason those plastic rain hats in paper packages used to be in every drawer in my Grandmother’s house. They all smelled subtly of old lady perfume and the 60’s…

    That said, the modern version for me is KMS Flat-Out Anti Humidity Seal. My hair produces all kinds of evil in humid conditions, but this spray (applied liberally – like shellac) really does keep the frizz out. I discovered it accidentally when I won a basket of KMS products at a raffle thing.

    • L-A says:

      I’ve been scared of new hair products since my hair started looking oily with almost every shampoo. I usually try spraying the hell out of it with hairspray and then wearing a loose hat and my hood up. It mostly works – although my bangs usually suffer.

  5. Melanie M says:

    OMG. I would totally wear that polka dot plastic hair bonnet whether it’s considered socially acceptable or not. May have to look into other pretty designs – I’m sure there’s an Etsy shop or two out there selling these, right?

  6. Melanie M says:

    The closest thing I could find (other than plain old school rain bonnets) was this: . And….. no. Not so much.

  7. True story: the naval reserves give female reservists a plastic rain hat as part of their uniform. None of them ever wear them, though. But on a rainy day one time (I forget why) my mother borrowed my sister’s bonnet and immediately my 50something mother was mistaken for a 70something. The bus driver lowered the steps for her to get in, young men offered her their seats, etc. She found it kind of insulting.

    So… I’m with you on principle, but in practice, prepare yourself for being treated like you are extremely old and senile.

    • L-A says:

      hmmm…that’s good to know (about being seen as older, not about it coming with uniforms). There must be cute ones out there that, when worn with a cute coat, don’t make you look 70.

  8. Little Miss Sassy Hood (as the jpg file calls her) is seriously rocking it in the above photo, no doubt about that. I just don’t know if most people know how to wear plastic in a fashionable sort of way.

  9. lorianne says:

    Nothing wrong in wearing a plastic rain bonnet! in the ’60 & ’70’s they were socially acceptable with women of all ages! If it feels right, why not?? ..let’s get over the old lady-granny stigma!

    “Rain Bonnets Are Sexy”

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