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L-A: Last week, my friend VMack sent me a text from New-Nouveau asking if one could wear tights with nude shoes. And I had to ask the interwebs.

YouTube Preview Image

Apparently you can.

But it got me thinking, as a blogger of fashion, this seems like a question I should be able to answer such a question without the assistance of Mr. Google and with some kind of authority.

So I went home, got out the collection of tights and tried it out for myself. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

the obvious place to start, after you check google.


Okay, they may look like the same pair of tights, but they’re not. One pair is chocolate brown (on your right) and the other is black. As soon as I tried black tights on first, I was like holy crap! I can wear my summertime wedges all year round without resorting to pantyhose!

YouTube Preview Image

I haven’t figure out which outfit these will work with, but it’s going to happen. In the same vein as those colours is the charcoal grey:

And since I had the coloured tights out, I figured I may as well try some other colours. I didn’t bother with the mustard or anything sheer, but I did have some fun.

you can't tell, but these are an awesome purple.


Okay, not quite as awesome as the neutrals, but with the right outfit and the right amount of chutzpah? You could probably make fetch happen.

Same for these two pairs:

Too much?

I actually like those tights better than the purple. Again, whatever outfit they go with, I probably don’t own right now. But at least now I can keep an eye out for something that will go with them.

As always, I’m open to suggestions. If you can think of something that goes with those tights and those shoes, then let me know. Because we can totally make this happen.

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4 Responses to Can I wear coloured tights with nude shoes?

  1. karen says:

    As another New-Nouveau lady with so many questions, I golf-clap applaud your fashion lab work.

  2. Krissy says:

    Three cheers for tights experiments! It’s like science lab… but more fun. And prettier. And without that chemical-y smell.

    I like the nude shoes + coloured tights combo! The red pair especially. That’s pretty rad. I’m on the fence with the blue, but I think that’s just my deep seeded (and possibly irrational) dislike of blue+orange seeping through since the blue makes the nude look oranger than it is.

  3. jo says:

    I judged at first, without reading (gasp!), and thought, “blech.” But what a fun experiment! I actually dig the charcoal grey and the red…with a carefully assembled outfit, of course. I think the key is to keep the colour harmonious to the shoe: not too much contrast. Be sure to post when you do a whole outfit!

  4. Conny M says:

    So the whole tan shoe thing….can I wear camel color shoes with a black dress and nude panty hose or maybe bare legs? These are the shoes I want but don’t know if they are ok for fall/winter?

    PS I tried asking you on Twitter too!

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