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Ally: I was totally going to write a post last night. Truth. And then I didn’t. I did enjoy a glass of wine and the time spent catching up with Billy Bush and Access Hollywood. Bed at 9pm after a long week is underrated.

So, here is me wishing you a very happy long weekend with no real post to speak of. I’d like to leave you with one of the most carefully and beautifully orchestrated double entendre songs I have ever heard. The only song to come close would be this gem.

Intern Krista calls my choice of video this week an offensive single entendre, which might be accurate, really.

Here you go, folks. From UK’s hottest new boy band (or is that One Direction? Who cares!) The Wanted. They’re Glad you Came:

YouTube Preview Image

I can’t pray enough for the poor middle age fathers who have to sit in their minivans with their teenage daughters blasting this song. MORTIFICATIONVILLE.


L-A: I too had grand plans for an extensive list of favourites (or, at least, a moderately sized list) and then I got home last night at almost 11:30 because I needed to buy cheese and potatoes while grocery stores were open. Because if I didn’t, then this favourite would be missing something:

1. BEST Friday

It turns out Ben has never seen some key movies from the Meg Ryan collection. Jill and I were shocked and have plans to remedy it. It was going to be a Very Good Friday until we started talking snacks. And then there was my plans for cheesy scalloped potatoes and Jill’s for sangria (aka. two bottles of sangria with fruit) and it turned into Best Friday.

2. Pancakes and Happy Endings and no alarm clocks

Because that is totally my plans for this morning. I also did Ally and the blog super proud by bringing the compost out in a winter coat and PJ pants with anchors on them. I am so fashionable.

3. Letterpress is over (sad!), but I did get inspiration from readers (yesss!)


Wise words in a comment from Amy (in regards to floral jeans), turned to letterpress. I may need to take letterpress again in order to print things like, “What is a Yelawolf?!?” and “Offensive Single Entendre”.

 4. Hillary Clinton is now my homegirl.

Is it the sunglasses? The bitchface?

 Texts from Hillary is  this week’s tumblr gold. In fact, I think it’s even more golden than the arrival of Beyonce on tumblr. I owe co-worker Rocio one for sending it to me.

Okay. That’s it. That also took forever  (like, enough time for making pancakes and watching Happy Endings). My computer hates me. I think my mouse froze five times while trying to write. It’s definitely time for a new computer.

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  1. That horrid song totally reminds me of Europe, so AGarbs gets a pass for this one.

    L-A, I’m think I’m in for letterpress, spring session styles. It could be EPIC.

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