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Ally: The only favourite worth any attention this week is the news that we will be celebrating our third blogiversary next Wednesday, May 23rd at Carbon Arc (The Khyber). From 6pm-9pm, you can enjoy cupcakes and a cash bar (I realize open bar sounds more fantastic, but we haven’t made it…yet) while watching Clueless. Yes! Clueless!

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There will also be prizes from Biscuit General Store and J&R Grimsmo (whee!).

This is truly our favourite event of the year. Not only do L-A and I get to get a wee bit smashted, we get to get a wee bit smashted with our unpaid staff and readers. Nothing could be more fun. Come out?

I’m short on favourites this week, but here’s my main one, the blog Fashion Gone Rogue dot com and in particular the Martha Hunt for Free People post that hit the site this week. I love me some Free People fashion, even if I’m too old to wear it:

Oh, Summer.


If I only I had ordered this Free People Casablanca Sundress for our birthday party. Not to late to get me a birthday prezzie?


My last fave comes in the form of this week’s Crappy Pop Video of the Week. I cannot get this song out of my head, so now I’m making sure you can’t as well. Thank me at the party by buying me a glass of boxed wine.

YouTube Preview Image

Say what you want about Nicki Minaj (I know I do), but girl has an insane body. I’d go to work in that pink bikini if I looked like that.

L-A: She totally shows up at work in a pink bikini. Trust me. I’m in the cubicle next to her. It makes for awkward meetings.


Okay Friday, let’s do this. Favourites!

1. Blogiversary.


Ally covered this, but for reals y’all. 6pm on Wednesday at Carbon Arc: Clueless! Cupcakes! Prizes! Us! Come roll with your blogging homies!

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2. In Search of Hipsters

Ally is pretty sure I’m a hipster. I’m not entirely sure she’s correct. Then again, it appears even hipsters aren’t sure they’re hipsters (or they’re just insulted if you call them one).

(found it because someone else – – did).

3. I’m getting a new to me computer this weekend!

I’m also taking a road trip with my husband. But that has very little to do with y’all. The computer does because it means I can blog without wanting to tear my out because the computer has frozen because I have open again. And a less frustrated me means way more blogging fun.

4. Happy Endings Gifs

See above. They give me happy feelings. Especially since someone else took the time to collect 80 of them and put them in one place.

5. What is and is not my jam.

Again with the Happy Endings (which finished up it’s second season a few weeks ago, giving you almost four months to get caught up). But that show, thanks to Ben and Jill, is totally my jam. And now, because of that show, everything falls into one of two categories: my jam and not my jam. Examples:

zucchini paninis (and other tasty food that rhymes): totally my jam

movies about old people having feelings in India:

The husband can look forward to two days of my declaring what is and is not my jam. (for the record: McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches on a road trip? My jam).

6. New favourite nail polish.

I’ve been hesitant to go all the way to a blue polish. Turquoise? Yes. Dark Purple? Definitely. Blue? Not so sure. Until I tried a mini-manicure from Remedy and discovered “Swimsuit…nailed it”:

Sparkly, bright blue polish? Surprisingly my jam. Totally bought a bottle of it.

Okay, that’s it for this week. It’s a long weekend (May 2-4 what what…get yourself two cases of wine, friends!), so I can’t promise a post on Monday. Mostly because I’ll be traveling through Upstate New York and New England on a road trip. And Ally will be doing something fascinating. Like drinking wine and reading 50 Shades of Grey. But we’ll be back on Wednesday for reals with a post and a party. Yay!

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  1. Happy Victoria Day weekend, ladybosses! I’ll see you on Wednesday to party.

  2. So much of this makes me happy. Especially the Happy Endings stuff. And the party. And I’ve been playing “Starships” on repeat for two days, because that’s the week I’m having.

    Did you pick up the nail polish at Remedy? I also want a bottle.

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