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Ally: Last week I received an email from Refinery29 titled, “Braids! Waves! Topknots!8 new easy how-tos for a summer switch-up.” This made me very excited, which I think was the goal of the multiple exclamation marks.

I really love having long hair. This is the longest its been in the history of me. However, I don’t wear it down too often as that takes effort that I just don’t have at 6am in the morning while watching my toddler pee his pants after a failed potty attempt. So messy up do it generally is.

We received an email a while back from a lovely PR peep who suggested we attempt a new hairstyle as shown on Jessica Simpson.

The style was prepared (is that the right word?) by her stylist Robert Vetica. I decided to try it out.

Obviously something went terribly wrong. The up-do looked like the up-do I wear everyday. Maybe Robert needs to make a home visit.

Also, I want to try out styles that look a little more relaxed this summer. Something like this:


Called the “Surprise Braid”. She also is sporting ombre hair – which is my hair of choice these days.

Refinery also offered up this DIY style:


I suspect this might take a bit more work.

As my hair gets longer, I really want to attempt a serious sidebraid that won’t fall apart within two hours. I love this take on the fish tail:


Feel free to send in some easy to do up-do options for little ol’ Ally. Bonus points if you tweet/email/FB us a photo of a do you prepared on your own. I need help. Lots of it.



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3 Responses to Updos that don’t make you look like you’re trying too hard

  1. Danielle says:

    I’ve had long hair since I was a teenager but I hardly ever bother with updos, yet that was always my justification for having long hair.

    I love the fishtail braid. I’ve always wanted to know how to do that.

  2. Kristin B says:

    I’m kind of in that weird hair-hurry-up-and-grow-faster-so-I-can-side-braid phase too. Ally, can you french braid your own hair? If so, what I do is french braid my hair from one side to the other (so not starting at the top like you’d normally do, but above one of your ears), and then it turns into a side braid from there. And that bad boy will stay put/not fall out for days if you want it to! (… I may know that from experience. Finals were all consuming, okay? Hair washing was not a priority. hah)
    Does that make sense? I don’t think I explained very well… I’ll take a picture should my hair cooperate tomorrow. ;)

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