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L-A: When Intern Krista mentioned there needed to be some discussion about the mad steez of Denise Huxtable, our answer was a resounding YES.

Intern Krista: I recently spent a holiday Monday watching television and attempting productivity. Part of that day was consumed with a two-part Cosby clip show. Thirty seconds after the episode ended, I found the amazing  Denise Huxtable Style Tumblr that had been missing from my life.

Like a bolt from the blue (what up, New Order?), I was immediately reminded of how much I loved, loved, loved Denise Huxtable’s “offbeat” style choices. It was the 1980s, Lisa Bonet was cool as hell – she eloped with Lenny Kravitz, for crying out loud – and, for a rural Nova Scotian girl like myself, represented 100% badassness.

Once I got out of my Valley Girl phase, I went right into my Denise Huxtable phase. That’s not to say I dressed like her, but I wanted to ever so badly. Stupid lack of online shopping in 1987. While the rest of the Cosbys emulated the more mainstream style choices of the 1980s – pastels, boxy clothes, sweatshirts – Denise embraced all of that and amore.

Do you remember when the Cosbys gifted their grandparents with a lip sync to Ray Charles’ version of “Night Time is the Right Time?” Denise’s outfit was a high-water fashion mark for me. White gloves, backwards top with a weird collar, chunky gold sweater pin ON THE BACK, poufy skirt. Amazing.


(Editors note: my family is pretty rad, but we never did cheorographed numbers. Cosby Family for the win).

Denise wore the most 80s versions of 80s clothes. Boxy jackets, oversized sweatshirts, long skirts, chunky jewelry, headbands, and hat, hats, hats.  In junior high, I wore a lot of long strands of pearls, and would have worn this, had I been able to find boxy red blazers at the Frenchy’s in my community.


I’ve always loved a sweet lid. I can trace my love of hats straight to Denise.

It’s a good thing the internet didn’t exist when I was in junior high, or you’d find far too many off-kilter Instagrammed pics of me with this hairstyle:


True story, I still fight the poufy bangs, one day at a time…

Another true story, I chased this hair thoughout much of the late 1980s. It involved perms.


Denise wore a lot of chunky knit sweaters. They could have easily accommodated herself and other members of the Cosby family. How I longed for this blue sweater, with moons and stars, which, tragically, was not available at the Bridgewater mall.


One of the few real ways I was able to bogart Denise’s style was a crested blazer, found at Frenchy’s and obviously from some kind of prep school. I didn’t get it until high school, but I’m convinced my affinity for it was spawned by the Cosby episode where Denise wore this:


A lot of Denise’s style choices were flat-out bananas. I don’t even know what this is, but drink it in.


The only place Denise and I didn’t jive was the short hair and headband phase, I just couldn’t get on board with this. Not because it was weird, it just looked uncomfortable.


Ok, now let’s go back and watch that New Order video:

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. le husband says:

    Great New Order reference, Krista.

  2. Danielle says:

    I loved Denise’s sweet style. Sadly, I was always too pasty and suburban to even attempt to pull it off.

  3. West Coast Bureau Anthony found this ah-mah-zing Cosby fashion site, Huxtable Hotness. There goes my evening.

  4. remera b says:

    i know this was written like a year ago but i just had a reality check one day while watching the cosby show. i am literally obsessed with lisa bonet style. love this.

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