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Ally: L-A isn’t the biggest fan of the Grammy’s. She claims she doesn’t know anyone on the red carpet. That’s because all of her favourite musicians are currently eating hemp ice cream and whining about the demise of Sassy Magazine. All this to say that I’m not sure whether or not L-A will be adding to this post (except to find a way to make fun of my favourite musicians).

Where is Yelawolf anyway?

Most Perplexing Performance: Taylor Swift

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Alice in Wonderland theme, eh? Grace Coddington would be mortified.


I would like to dedicate a future post to respectfully asking Taylor Swift to stop calling out ex boyfriends. My mother once kindly told me that if you’re dumped multiple times in a row, perhaps the problem is you. My mom is really nice btw, she was just truth-talking for the real.


Worst Hair in the history of red carpet hair: Carly Rae Jepson

OH NO HONEY.The hair. Did we all see the hair? THE FUCK?


Why would you pick the Grammy’s to change up your look? You’re goth now?

Best Boy: Hunter Hayes

I love Hunter Hayes. Thank you for Keeping up with the K-Adorables.


 Best “Almost Pretend Boyfriend but not exactly”: Wiz Khalifa

I’m pregnant, and even this doesn’t make me interested in hearing about other people’s birth plans. With that said, I quite enjoyed Wiz talking about Amber’s upcoming home birth. Official Unpaid Intern Krista agrees and even went so far as to suggest he should start a Daddy blog. Yes. Yes, he should do that. Let me also say that Amber Rose’s maternity wear was on point (as the kids half my age say). Well played in Donna Karan.


Worst dress/best face and husband: Faith Hill

I’m not saying she is doing botox, but I would say that if she is doing botox, she’s doing it correctly. Awful, awful dress though. Am I the only one that thinks Tim McGraw is hot? Likely, yes.


 Well Played Award: Beyonce

Forget that the pantsuit was basic and what you would wear to work on a Tuesday, she basically reminded everyone that she didn’t even need to try.


 The “Of course you’re dating John Mayer” award: Katy Perry


I believe they call this “new money”

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Your thoughts on the Grammy’s red carpet?






5 Responses to We watched a bit of the Grammy’s (Red Carpet that is)

  1. kristaspurr says:

    Good grief, put it away, Katy Perry. I can decide who needs more attention – her or Taylor Swift.

  2. Danielle says:

    Looks like Beyonce took CBS’s conservative dress code a bit too far. I love the outfit though.

  3. Sarah says:

    What snide comment did Katy make when she was up on stage? about her own eyelash line? I loved the Grams. Do you recon Alicia Keys girl on fire song is about Rihanna? J-Los dress was DISCUSTING. Looked like she had a shlong.

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