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Ally: A few rules today for this edition of Favourite Friday. We will not speak of the singer whose name rhymes with Biley Pyrus nor shall we refer to what season immediately follows the season we are currently enjoying (for example, any comment such as “I can’t wait to get out my boots and leggings” will be deleted from the blog and further mention of your name will result in  me vomiting in my mouth a little bit). Are we good?

Banana Republic Leather Skirt

I can really, really see myself wearing this skirt.

Banana Republic leather skirt

Although I would likely pair it with a white dress shirt like one of the 1,000 shirts Jennifer Aniston owns.



I love that when I Googled “Jennifer Aniston white dress shirt” one of the first images I found was from a post we wrote a few years back. We’re nothing but consistent with our taste.

If I did wear slips…

I would wear this one from Free People.


Although $200 is a lot to pay for undergarments when you’re on mat leave (or anytime really).

Eminem’s got a new single

So obviously I’ve bought it.

YouTube Preview Image

Incidentally, I want a pair of Nike Air Max 90s

Em always wears GR Air Maxes when performing live (don’t ask how I know that). These ones are amazing.

eminem-nike-air-max-90-berserk eminem-nike-air-max-90-berserk-1


Baby’s First September Issue


babyWhose adorable baby is that? Oh right, it’s mine. V enjoyed her first September issue this week. She’s all ready to intern for FPQT!

Crappy Pop Video of the Week

 YouTube Preview Image

I offer up no apologies for enjoying this.

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  1. Kate says:

    I can really see myself wearing that skirt too, and I would like to know where one gets it. I’ve seen it now several times (including in a BR ad) and yet neither BR Canada nor BR US appears to actually carry it.

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